My Ssec Capstone Project On a Saturday I usually hang out with my friends

On a Saturday I usually hang out with my friends

On a Saturday I usually hang out with my friends. I typically get up around 10-11 on a good day and start to get ready. Then i’ll probably get lunch with a friend and do something else. I’m usually at my house at night and i’ll work on my homework or watch netflix. I’ll typically sleep around 2-4.
My goals right now are to finish all my classes with A’s and get plenty of volunteer hours for my clubs. My goal is not accomplished yet because the school year just started so i’m not sure what kind of grades ill get. But, to achieve this goals i will not procrastinate and i will get my work done on time and study for all my tests so ill make good grades on them. \
My time thieves are mostly netflix,friends, and social media. Netflix is a time they’ve because when i don’t wanna do my homework i will usually watch netflix, and then i most likely won’t stop for a while. My friends are time thieves because usually on the weekends i’ll hang out with my friends instead of working on school work.
My strengths in time management is making sure I get enough sleep for school. My weaknesses are procrastinating to do assignments and waiting until late to do my homework. Another strength is making sure I always get to school on time.
I will improve my time management by making sure I don’t procrastinate and that I will get my assignments done on time. I will make sure to study for any test and quizzes and do my projects on time. Working out can help have motivation and make your life healthier and easier. I will make sure to get enough sleep each night so I wont be stressed out the next day. I will manage my time better by getting a planner and writing all my assignments and due dates. If im