My Ssec Capstone Project Oltjana Molishtari RJ#1 “From Reading to Writing

Oltjana Molishtari RJ#1 “From Reading to Writing

Oltjana Molishtari
“From Reading to Writing,” Chapter 2 (47-63).

1. How will thinking about the author’s purpose and motivation for writing his/her argument help you understand what you read more deeply?
The writer’s reason for writing a particular article can be a motivation from personal experience, an inspiration from a specific event or a new development in society. Understanding the writer’s purpose will help readers interpret better and deeply the context of writing. Being aware of writer’s, not only, motivation and purpose but also the background, date of publication, title, and subtitle make the reader more understandable about the thesis and all context of the text. When a critical reader read a text his/her attention is directed to the question about discipline, and setting off writing. As a reader read on this form he/she is more deeply willing to understand the writer’s opinion and argument for the context of an article. As the reader asks questions like; what is the writer’s thesis? What is the writer’s purpose? How effective is the essay? etc, he/she can rethink about the text to see if misunderstood something. The more readers know the disciple, the motivation, and the purpose of writing the more deeply understand the context of the text.

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2. What in this chapter was particularly useful for you? Was there anything new you learned?
In general, all the text in context was useful for me. Particularly more helpful for me were five steps of reading critically and annotation. This process helps me to understand better reading critically. Usage of this steps when I read help me deeply understand the context, and convert that in writing. The new concept for me in this chapter was annotation method. This method helps me to better understand what, why, and how to annotate a text. Also, annotation as a process when readers have to write with their own words helps me to improve my paraphrasing and summarize writing. As a person with issue in writing that, the steps of reading critically and annotation method will help me to understand better the text, and hopefully be a better writer.