My Ssec Capstone Project Name Institution Course Date Abortion Abortion is simply the termination of an unborn child from the womb of a mother before the usual time that a woman should give birth

Name Institution Course Date Abortion Abortion is simply the termination of an unborn child from the womb of a mother before the usual time that a woman should give birth

Abortion is simply the termination of an unborn child from the womb of a mother before the usual time that a woman should give birth. In other cases, abortion can happen in exceptional circumstances such disability diagnosis where the mother who is experiencing the pregnancy is forced to labor through termination right up. There are quite some speculations that put abortion into a state of murdering unborn human and thus it should be made illegal. We should get to understand that there are cases that abortion happens without the intention of the mother (Foot 7). In this regard, situations such as accidents do happen after that causing death, and the only option that remains is to remove the unborn baby.
There are quite a number of reasons as to why abortion can be termed as illegal and at the same time not illegal. Fear of rejection from parents has contributed to many situations of abortion in that underage teens engage in premarital sex, and when they get pregnant, they decide to abort. Research has shown that teens who get pregnant without planning tend to abort since they understand that they won’t consider taking care of the born child ( Fine 35). For abortion to be termed as illegal, it is primarily based on the reason that the mother has ill intention of eliminating the life of the unborn baby. However, there should also be ways in which we should deploy to prevent future encounters of abortion.
One of the ways in which we can use is to ensure that both parties; the man and the woman be involved and play vital roles in the development of the relationship. When a lady or a young lady faces rejection from the man that took part in pregnancy, there are chances that they will engage in aborting the unborn child. As the old saying goes; it takes two to tango, I believe that the presence of a man indecision making of the relationship can in one way or another prevent incidences of abortion. This also becomes safe to all the parties since they will make decisions on how they will raise and take good care of the baby.
Another way on how a country can regulate the number of abortion that is experienced is through education and creation of awareness both to the children and the general public. Creation on awareness and education on the harmful effects that come with abortion can be made conducted thus being a friendly way on ensuring the society especially the teenagers don’t engage in this act. Tremendous studies show that America lead in the number of abortions that is done by the young teens and youth (Fine 43). Parents should instill the virtue of chastity to their children since when they are not taught, they will engage in premarital sex and courtships thus unplanned pregnancies.
In order to end abortion as an evil act, we should provide insurance coverage to all citizens where they will have simple access to family planning services through various funding (Jones et al. 53-63). This will help the less privileged be engaged in sex but not necessarily get pregnant. However, it will help on the planning on the number of children that a couple can have thus been simple for them to take good care of their born babies. Through the production and availability of emergency, contraceptives can be of great benefit to those who engage in unplanned sexual acts. In this regard, abortion is reduced in a larger percentage through prevention of pregnancies. Another simple way in which we can reduce abortion cases is through the curbing of sexual abuses as well as domestic violence. When they occur, disagreements come up and, in the long, may cause pregnant women opt to abort with a view of reducing future problems.
I agree that abortion is an ill act and against the will of human nature and the Almighty God, but it should not be made illegal (Foot). In this regard, we should focus on the ways in the government, the general public and the children can reduce and prevent the abortion itself. We should consider that there are those unintended pregnancies that at times created by accidents and thus they will be subjected to laws unfairly (Foot 7). Commitment and proper leadership to create a good vision where female fraternity get access to information on preventing unintended pregnancies, raising kids safely, dignity and stability is what is needed for a fruitful nation.

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