Name : Gusti Ayu Agung Tania G.

NIM : 1712021227
Class : 3G
Assignment : Several Genres of Literature
Date : 30 August 2018
The Genres of Literature
Literature is a type of writing that has several forms or type which has a meaning and certain creation. This type of writing has several genres that are familiar in our life. The first genre is poetry. Poetry is one of the several genres of literature, which consists by several stanzas and with short lines. The writer of poetry will use some interesting diction or word choosing. Poetry has several types, such as sonnet, limerick, haiku, narrative, epic, couplet, and free verse (based on: ). The second type of literature is drama, which consist by the dialogue that will demonstrate by the characters of the story. Drama also has several types, such as comedy, tragedy, farce, melodrama, and also musical drama (base on: ). The last type of literature is prose. Prose is one of the genres of literature that contains by a series of stories. Prose has several types such as, fictional prose, non-fictional prose, heroic prose, and the last is poetry prose (based on: ). Based on those three genres of literature, it can be concluded that literature has so many creations. We can see that by the genres, which has several types again.

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