My Ssec Capstone Project module 2 Assignment 2 Learning outcomes LO5 Complete a stakeholder analysis

module 2 Assignment 2 Learning outcomes LO5 Complete a stakeholder analysis

module 2 Assignment 2 Learning outcomes LO5 Complete a stakeholder analysis, statement of work, project charter, and scope statement. Name Sithembiso Ntando Mathunjwa 1. Instructions and guidelines (Read carefully) Instructions 1. Insert your full name and surname at the top of the second page of your assignment document. Save the file as Initials_Surname_A2 e.g. L_Smith_A2. NB Please ensure that you use the name that appears in your student profile on the Online Campus (OLC). 2. Write all your answers in this document. There is an instruction that says, Start writing here under each question. Please type your answer on the line immediately below this prompt or, if there is a numbered list for multiple points, then answer each point on the same line as each number in the list. Do not delete Start writing here. 3. Submit your assignment in Microsoft Word only. No other file types will be accepted. 4. Do not delete the plagiarism declaration or the assignment instructions and guidelines. They must remain on your assignment when you submit. PLEASE NOTE Plagiarism cases will be penalised according to the Terms and Conditions for Students. IMPORTANT NOTICE Please ensure that you have checked your course calendar for the due date for this assignment. Guidelines 1. There are 16 pages and 3 questions in this assignment. 2. Make sure that you have carefully read and fully understood the questions before answering them. Answer the questions fully but concisely and as directly as possible. Follow all specific instructions for individual questions (e. g. list, in point form). 3. Answer all questions in your own words. Do not copy any text from the notes, readings or other sources. The assignment must be your own work. Plagiarism declaration1. I know that plagiarism is wrong. Plagiarism is to use anothers work and pretend that it is ones own. 2. This assignment is my own work. 3. I have not allowed, and will not allow, anyone to copy my work with the intention of passing it off as his or her own work. 4. I acknowledge that copying someone elses assignment (or part of it) is wrong, and declare that my assignments are my own work.2. Mark allocation Each question receives a mark allocation. However, you will only receive a final percentage mark and will not be given individual marks for each question. The mark allocation is there to show you the weighting and length of each question. Question 1 Programme charter information 16 Question 2 Project scope and deliverables 4 Question 3 Stakeholder analysis 20 TOTAL 40 3. Assignment questions Assignment instructions Complete Questions 1 to 3 in this document. Make sure that you use your own words when completing this assignment. Ensure that you have read the notes for Modules 1 and 2 before you complete this assignment. Complete the entire assignment in this document. All questions in this assignment are based on the fictional scenario described below. All written assignments on this course will be based on this scenario, which will be expanded upon in each subsequent assignment. Note quiz assignments wont be based on this scenario. (Tip Read through the scenario to gain some familiarity with its content. Then, once youve read the assignment questions, you can return to the scenario to find whats important.) Do not change or edit any part of this documents formatting (e.g. font size, font colour, headers and footers, etc.). The formatting should remain as is. Scenario Imagine that its 16 January 2017. Its your first day in your new role as project manager with your new employer, Latent Energy Systems Holdings (Pty) Ltd. Youve learnt much about your new employers business and the people, and you feel somewhat overwhelmed. Because youre unsure of what will be important, or even irrelevant, youve made detailed notes and there are a few things that stand out. Youve experienced tough times recently, but you feel better after a two-month break preceding this new job. Youre grateful for the various conditions in your life that afforded you the relaxing break between jobs. You now have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a job that inspires you and allows you to do the work you are passionate about. Your new role is exciting because youve joined a rapidly growing and successful business that presents a variety of opportunities, any of which could be yours if you prove that youre a good fit in the team and dedicated to delivering whats expected of you. Some of the opportunities that were suggested to you were to advance your career in project management, to get involved with green technology and the reduction of humanitys carbon footprint, to be involved in the upliftment of underprivileged communities, to develop your leadership skills, and to practice your entrepreneurial skills within a small organisation. You briefly consider how you got here and feel indebted to an old colleague with whom youve kept in touch. At a braai early last year, your friend introduced you to an acquaintance, who just happened to be a shareholder at Latent Energy Systems. Thats how you landed this new job. But who is Latent Energy Systems Introducing Latent Energy Systems Latent Energy Systems, or LES for short, is a group of companies founded about a decade ago by two enterprising people Nozuko, who was at the time a young and newly-qualified electronics engineer, and Jake, an owner of an upmarket game farm in the Klein Karoo. The LES group was born from Jake and Nozukos passion to help rural communities in Southern Africa, who arent connected to a national power grid. LESs products include zinc batteries that store latent electricity and release power at 12 volts of direct current (DC), wind and solar generators that charge the batteries, inverters and adapters for connecting lights and small appliances, and a variety of small appliances that are specially designed to have an efficient and a low power consumption. LES provides training on the use of their systems, and they also install and service these systems. The zinc batteries are made in their new factory in Montague Gardens, Cape Town, while the solar- and wind-powered generators, inverters, and all small appliances are sourced from external suppliers. The cheapest configuration of an LES system comprises a 1.2m x 0.8m rigid solar panel attached to a 6-cell battery with one inverter with sockets for up to three appliances. Including reticulation and installation by a two-man team, these low-cost units individual selling price is R4,750, excluding VAT and transport. Each low-cost unit costs LES about R3,400 to produce, excluding client transportation and installation. Similar to green solar water heaters, the capital cost of an LES unit is relatively high but is countered by the running costs being a fraction of what traditional power supply costs from the national grid would be. The battery packs must be serviced roughly once a year. In starting up LES, Nozuko and Jake overcame several key entrepreneurial challenges Acquiring funding to equip and open their first small factory Developing their small business management skills and growing their management team Hiring their first team of employees and Developing their marketing materials and sales processes to generate enough leads and close enough sales to keep the business alive (this was their biggest challenge). LESs new strategy LES didnt succeed in solving their biggest challenge alone. While they eventually developed good marketing materials and sales methods, though they tried for a year to sell and distribute through a commission-only logistics company, they couldnt find a way to build their power systems cheaply enough to make their units financially viable to their target market of rural communities. Their customers couldnt afford LESs products, no matter how desperately they needed them. The original growth projections based on their pre-launch market research remained a pipe dream unable even to achieve high enough sales to further fund LESs short-term growth. This was a practical lesson in market research, showing the different behaviour of hypothetical customers willingness to part with hypothetical cash for a hypothetical product versus how cautious customers are with their money when the products and their cash are real. With the help of their business mentor, Jake and Nozuko revised their business strategy to implement a two-pronged growth path, which they nicknamed their Pincer Strategy. First, they switched their target market to land owners in the ecotourism sector, such as game lodges, privately-owned caravan and camp sites, and country guest houses. This strategy worked within a few months and helped keep competitors at bay as LES slowly built up a sustainable cash inflow from sales. A knight in shining armour Second, after two years of field-proving their products, Nozuko and Jakes work to secure capital investment paid off with the emergence of a US-based philanthropist that revived their businesss growth. Bill, their benefactor, is a self-made US billionaire. He now wants to stimulate economic development in the global south by helping poor communities help themselves through grassroots infrastructure development and business education. Bill pays a grant via his foundation for each projects installed systems costs (the hardware and installation only, excluding costs for logistics, training, etc.). Bill is prepared to donate funds indefinitely under three main conditions Recipients of LESs products should be educated to operate and should maintain their power systems independently of LES. Recipients must prove that their household income was less than R2,500/month for the previous two tax years. They must also find funds to cover 50 of their installations cost, being the equipments cost and direct cost of labour to install the equipment. Only projects that install systems for at least 10 separate households will be funded, and each project must have a unit and installation value equal to or greater than 50 of the projects total budget (excluding logistics, travel, PM, training, etc.). Another strategic obstacle to the struggling business emerged when Jake and Nozuko realised that to qualify for donor funds and enjoy the associated tax advantages, and fitting with their community-empowerment mission, they would have to split the business into a group of companies to convert one of them to a non-profit organisation (NPO). Splitting was a complicated process and, though well planned and executed, it nonetheless stressed LESs cash flow and management. The red tape with the relevant government authorities was eventually completed only three years ago, at which time Bills foundation started donating funds to run community projects. High-level information about the group The entire group of companies, including LES holdings, is collectively referred to as the LES group. LES Holdings (LES) is the operations centre of the group. It employs all project management personnel in its project office and provides corporate support functions marketing, sales, finance, HR, and IT for all companies in the group. Jake is CEO and Nozuko is Group MD and, together, they are the majority shareholders. Other senior managers in the group constitute the minority shareholders as part of LESs employee incentive scheme. Louise, the project office manager, oversees all projects in the LES group. She was the first employee Nozuko and Jake hired after starting their venture 10 years ago. Louise is a paragon of commitment and loyalty. She was repeatedly hired from within to reach her current senior position after starting as a part-time bookkeeper. LES Projects (LES-P) is registered as a non-profit organisation and is the entity that receives funding from Bill. LES-Ps only function is to install systems and deliver training to communities in need. Since all products and services are effectively outsourced LES-P only has one permanent staff member, Teresa the MD, who has been with the group for a long time and is actually employed by LES Holdings. As a registered NPO, LES-P cant be owned by shareholders in the same way a regular company can, and its therefore not technically correct to consider it as part of the LES group, though it does enjoy the benefits of LES Holdings corporate services HR, accounting, legal, IT support etc. that are billed at a discounted rate to LES-P. LES-Ps trustees include Jake, Nozuko and three other people, two of whom are based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, and one who lives in KwaZulu-Natal. LES Facilitation (LES-F) is sub-contracted by LES to train recipient community members in each projects installation site. The MD is Sean, who specialises in coaching and mentoring in small business entrepreneurship and leadership skills. The business-mentoring venture he founded around the time LES started was bought out by LES during the company split. Nozuko and Jake hired Sean as their business mentor, and it was in fact he who catalysed the new strategy that kept LES afloat in their darker days by switching their target market to ecotourism landowners. To keep Sean interested and thereby retain his services, LES-F runs leadership-training programmes and sells facilitation services to clients outside the LES group, which Sean occasionally indulges in delivering. LES holds 60 in LES-F, while Sean holds the remainder. LES-F has seven full-time training staff and a contingent of about 15 part-time contractors. The contractors are hired for a few days at a time every few weeks or months, depending on how many projects are running simultaneously, the locations of the communities in Southern Africa, and each trainers availability and their availability for travel. All training staff and Seans assistant report to Sean directly. LES Technologies (LES-T) is the hub of the LES groups value proposition. LES-T owns the intellectual property (IP) in the form of various patents to the latent energy systems. LES-T also runs the newly-expanded factory that manufactures, assembles, and conditions the systems before shipping them to each client site. Technicians who install the systems are employed by LES-T and their line manager is Anton, the installations manager, who in turn reports to Fred, the MD. Anton and Fred have been with the LES group since before the company split and both have grown through the technical ranks. The factory manager is Julie, who has a diploma and several years experience in electronic hardware research and development (RD). The factory employs about 18 people, many of who were previously employed as farm labourers and were reskilled to work on the production lines (Nozukos mother is one of the factory team leaders). Pertinent project statistics The budgets of all donor-co-funded community projects run by LES-P are estimated with a 10 markup on the aggregate of Hardware cost price at the factory (excluding all other charges) i.e. R4,080 for the cheapest unit Installation and professional services (training, consulting and PM) at cost to company rates and Cost of outsourced services, e.g. travel, accommodation, training venue hire and transport of systems. Since all projects budgets are based on selling price, their gross profit is part of what drives business profit at the LES group. Private client projects have a higher markup rate. The markup is also used to create a contingency reserve to counter project risks and issues. The better risks and issues can be managed, the more reserve funds remain as profit after each project. Teresa, LES groups financial director (FD), regularly analyses past projects to assess their financial performance against financial policies. This is especially necessary to ensure compliance with Bills third condition. Her latest figures show that projects that comply with Bills third condition installed an average of 42 systems per project. This magic money number (or MMN) is dependent on each communitys distance from Cape Town. The further away the installation, the higher the logistical costs, and therefore the higher the MMN must be to qualify for Bills continued funding. Before Bills donations started, all prior projects had installed between 1 and 58 systems. The 22 community projects co-funded by Bill, including the 8 open projects, entail between 33 and 114 systems. Initially, community projects took over 10 months to run from start to finish, including their initial planning phase, site visits, liaising with community leaders, and closing out the projects after commissioning the units. As the learning curve is flattening out, though, LES is improving their project efficiency. All community projects completed during the past 12 months, the larger ones included, were completed from start to finish within 4 months. According to their project policy, projects start and end conditions are 1) when the agreement becomes effective and 2) when the project is officially reviewed and closed, respectively. This usually happens a few days or weeks after the systems are commissioned. The average budget for these 22 community projects is about R339,767 each. LESs financial policy states that every project should aim for a 25 gross profit margin (GP). However, the average GP of each community project done with Bill is 4.72, with some even making a loss. Although this is perfectly aligned with the intention of an NPO hence the name non-profit this margin leaves extremely little room to cover operating overhead costs. Fortunately, though, the tight profits and occasional losses of community projects are limited to LES-P, being a separate legal entity, and doesnt directly affect profitability of other companies in the LES group. Also, because there are other projects sold to private clients who pay full price, the profits from these private projects often do achieve GP target, albeit usually at lower volumes than the community projects. The big deal Since splitting LES, Jacky, the marketing manager, has been in lengthy negotiations with several local governments and municipalities across Southern Africa who are interested in LESs technology. Jacky also championed a long, though quite costly, two-year sales process with Eskom, who is concerned with solving its infrastructure challenges. The fruit of Jackys labour ripened when, around October last year, an agreement was signed between LES-P, Bills foundation, Eskom and Khula Projects, a division of South Africas Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Getting everyone around the table to sign this deal was a significant task. The terms of the agreement became effective on 9 January 2017, which signalled LES-Ps authority to start work in light of the deal. The scope of the deal is for LES-P to install between 100 and 120 lowest-cost systems, being the solar panel-powered units, in each of 25 communities to be selected by Eskom and DTI throughout rural South Africa. Bills foundation will continue to fund LES-Ps projects under the same conditions. The DTI and Eskom will pay a grant equal to each projects total budget less Bills grant and less R1,000 for each household receiving a unit. DTI and Eskoms grants will be split equally between the projects. The R1,000 for each unit that isnt received as grants is the cost each household will need to pay LES-P for a unit. Because of the risk of bad debts from the communities, Teresa is sourcing a micro-lending partner willing to take on the financial risk involved. If the maximum of 120 units are installed in each of the 25 sites, the deal will be worth R18,085,782. Applying Bills funding rules for hardware and installation his maximum grant will be worth R12,237,750, while DTI and Eskoms combined grant limit will be about R2,850,000 leaving the balance of R3,000,000 to be collected from the recipients. Although Louise has run three programmes with multiple communities receiving units in the past, this is by far the biggest deal LES has had. (A programme is a collection of related projects which, collectively, fulfil the programmes objective.) Its also the biggest deal Teresa has signed in her life and, as programme sponsor and MD of LES-P, and FD of the LES group, she might find herself in over her head. Sting in the tail Although cash is available early on because Bills foundation pays 50 of each projects grant up front, the agreement stipulates that installation of units can only start after DTIs initial instalment has been received. This is in turn dependent on DTIs new budgets becoming available, which will happen only in the new tax year, i.e. after 1 March 2017. The agreement further stipulates that handover of all units to recipient households must be completed by Thursday, 30 November 2017. Handover must include training of at least one adult per household and a two-day troubleshooting period after each households installation is done to resolve any potential snags while on site. The challenge is that this deal runs concurrently with business as usual. As a result, many more people will be needed to handle the programmes workload and to assure all deadlines are met. This is where you come in. This challenge is most evident in the manufacturing process. The current production capacity will probably need to be increased to make enough batteries in time for their shipping to each installation site around the country. The lead time between placing orders with LES-T and receiving the assembled units is about two months, so this could affect the entire programmes critical path. Fred might need to negotiate special contracts with their solar panel suppliers, or perhaps even find new suppliers. Its also a concern whether or not the transport contractor has capacity for the increased demand. Modern government contracts seek to assure appropriate service delivery therefore, its standard for late deliveries to be penalised. These penalties will be calculated at a rate of R250 a day of each household unit that is delivered after the 30 November 2017 deadline. At these rates, penalties could add up quickly. For example, if one community of, say, 100 households gets their systems installed 10 days late, the penalty would be R250,000, and if installation occurred after 30 days, the penalty would be R750,000. Despite this threat, though, top management at LES is strongly confident that incurring penalties is an unlikely scenario. Programmes work breakdown Because of the magnitude, Louise wants to manage the work as a programme of projects i.e. the programmes objectives will be achieved when all projects have achieved their objectives. The project management team will be comprised of Louise, two project managers and two project administrators. As with previous community projects, Louise wants the work breakdown structure (WBS) organised into four main components, namely Planning Communications Execution and Close out. Note that each component mentioned above will be managed as a separate project within the overall programme structure as follows 1. Programme 1.1 Planning (Project 1) 1.2 Communications (Project 2) 1.3 Execution (Project 3) 1.3.1 Sub-project 1 (Community 1 of 25) Logistics Training Installation Hand over 1.4 Close out (Project 4) Back to the present day Being your first day, Louise, your direct superior, has shown you to your office and given you your staff access card to the building, your network user ID and login details, plus a heavy lever arch file neatly titled Welcome to LES with your name on it. It looks smart, and has that recently-printed smell of new money. Louise has also introduced you to some important people, like Elise, your colleague and project administrator who will be working with you on the big deal, and Denver, one of the project managers (PMs) at the project office who only handles projects for private clients. Two other PMs have been recruited and they will start at LES in February. In all your prior interactions with Louise, youve seen her show only a business-like, task-focussed demeanour. But this morning you briefly noticed a more personable side to her when she prepared your first hot drink as a member of the team. Not only that, she also enquired into your feelings about your first day and even sympathised with you by sharing a short anecdote from one of her more nerve-wracking experiences at LES a long time ago. Though you hear the occasional, subdued banter and though everyone seems approachable, the general mood is of quiet focus, heads over keyboards. Louise said she had been eagerly awaiting your starting at LES so that the real work on the programme can commence. While in the kitchen, she assigned your first tasks at LES Louise wants you to first settle in by logging in to your company laptop (waiting for you at your office) and setting up your systems and office environment. After this, she wants you to review the information about the programme that she emailed to you before you arrived at work this morning. The general background of LES (as described above) was shared with you during your hiring process. The sensitive information, however, like the project financials and details of the big deal, is what Louise emailed to you this morning (also detailed above). Your first deliverable for Louise is to complete parts of the programme charter by drawing on the information youve gleaned from your interviews and her email. Louise wants your work emailed to her by 15h00 this afternoon. On logging into your email system, you notice that Louise has sent you a meeting request to review your work at 16h30. She seems organised and, although this creates a twinge of anxiety, a sense of clarity and pride for your new role now motivates you to do your best. Note Remember, all questions in this assignment are based on the fictional scenario described above. Question 1 Programme charter information Below is a table of fields for information that is typically written in a programme charter. Complete this table and base your answers on the scenario given above. Please heed the answer limits, as no marks will be awarded for that part of any answer that exceeds the specified answer limit. For answers requiring multiple points (e.g. time constraints) please list each point in a separate bullet. Note Throughout the written assignments in this course, you will find that many questions cant be answered by merely looking up the answer in the course materials. This is because the assessment approach is informed by one of the outcomes intended for this course, being that you have practical competence in the methods covered in this course curriculum and not merely the knowledge of the course content. Most assignment questions therefore require you to apply the principles, tools and methods presented in the course to the assignment scenario to develop your answers. In a sense, this mimics what would be expected of a project manager in real life. SectionWrite your answers for each section in this columnCreate an appropriate programme name (Max. 2 lines)The facilitation of providing and supplying electricity to under privileged households across Southern Africa. Programme start date (dd/mm/yyyy)09/01/2017Programme end date (dd/mm/yyyy)30/11/2017Programme managers name Louise Reasons for the programmes existence, i.e. business drivers and other factors that brought about the need for this programme (Max. 5 lines, not 5 points)The LES group was born from a passion to help rural communities in South Africa gain access to the power-grid in addition to that it enabled the LES group to break into the market segment and grow financially and be financially viable. Programme objectives i.e. what the whole programme is intended to achieve (Max. 5 lines)The scope of the programme is structured such that LES-P would install between 100 and 120 lowest-cost panel-powered units, in each of 25 communities within the agreed budget of R18,085,782.Time constraints (Max. 4 points of 2 lines per point)Installation of units is dependent on the approval of the DTIs new budget, after 1 March 2017 Time constrain between ordering from LES-T and receiving the assembled units is two months Time is dependent on the logistical side, which ties back to the Transporting contractor. The handover of all units to recipient households must be by Thursday, 30 November 2017Critical success factors i.e. factors that will contribute to the programme achieving its objectives (Max. 4 points of 2 lines per point)Transporting contractor has the necessary resources to deliver promptly and effectively. Ensuring that the communities that are being provided for are satisfied with the deliverable That work being done is aligned to the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) The process of the Iron Triangle (Time, Scope and Cost) are managed accordingly List of required resources to complete the programme (human and equipment) (Max. 4 points of 1 line per point)Louise project office manager Teresa Financial Managing Director Julie Factory Manager Jake CEO and Nozuko Managing Director List of programme risks (Max. 4 points of 2 lines per point)Unmentioned Insurance Cover for the solar panels and raw materials being used in the factory External factors such as Taxi Strikes and weather conditions that might prevent workers coming in. Scope creep and Snag list due unforeseen events which impacts the critical path Risk of bad debts from the communities, this could pose as a financial risk to the company. Question 2 Project scope and deliverables Pick any two of the four projects outlined in Louises programme WBS and, using the table below, briefly describe the project scope and deliverables for each project selected. In the first column, write only the reference number of the project and not the project name. For example, for the Communications project, write just 2 in Column 1. The four project references can be found in the scenario under the heading Programmes work breakdown. (Max. 4 lines per block) Do not change the font size or the row heights in the table. Project Project scopeProject deliverablesType the project number here 2 Start writing here Communication an effective communication system that will be used throughout the programme, with clear lines of communications Project 2- Communication Start writing here Ensuring that changes made to the programme are effectively dealt with, and any deviation made, still result in the purpose of the programme being achieved 3Start writing here Execution is the where the plan and work is completed, the result of this phase being successful will result in the delivery of the original goal (product) being handed over Project 3 Execution Start writing here Delivering the purpose behind the programme (supplying poor communities with electricity) Question 3 Stakeholder analysis Complete the empty cells in the stakeholder analysis template on the next page with the following information Stakeholder name write the name of only one stakeholder for each stakeholder role. For each stakeholder you identify in the second column, write one or two contributions that stakeholder must make to the programme or how that stakeholder can influence the programme. Similarly for the fourth column, for each stakeholder you identify in the second column, write only one or two things the programme must deliver to that stakeholder. In the fifth column, identify how official programme information will be transmitted between the programme and each stakeholder (e.g. by meeting, telephone, report via email, printed reports, reports made available via an intranet site or web site, etc.). In the last column, specify the schedule or frequency, if any, for the communication type identified in the fifth column. Note Please do not change the tables properties (e.g. font size, table dimensions, etc.). Please heed the answer limits of each section. For example, if you list multiple communication media for one stakeholder, only the first one listed will be assessed and the remainder ignored. Stakeholder roleStakeholder name(Max. 1 per role)Stakeholders contributions or influence(Max. 2 points per stakeholder)Stakeholders expectations or needs(Max. 2 points per stakeholder)Official medium of communication(Max. 1 per stakeholder)Communication schedule for primary medium(Max. 1 per stakeholder)SponsorTeresa Financial Managing Director Successful completion of the programme EmailWeekly Programme managerLouiseManages the programmeDaily progression reports and involvement on each projectEmailDailyDonorBills FoundationBills funding rules out expenses such as hardware and installationRecipients should provide necessary documentation proving that the household income is (R2500) EmailWeeklyVendors (or direct suppliers)Eskom and IDTProvides a combined grant together install between 100 and 120 lowest-cost systems, being the solar panel-powered units, in each of 25 communities as agreed upon the contracted which came into effect 9 January 2017,EmailWeeklyResource manager (or line manager)AntonOversees all technicians who install the systems and are employed by LES-T. Manages production Delivery of materials and goods (Zinc Batteries) as agreed upon as per form of communication EmailDaily Tel 27 21 447 7565 Fax 27 21 447 8344 Website Email [email protected] Page PAGE 2 of NUMPAGES 18 /33O_k6Y8 mm-hh- [email protected] OFDAKFKA0Yj__O0EfdCB_d(/VHMADEBcbfbeddIg8j cbebeebggefdigmK0gKzlfFro_B6ik_On7v7F6 2M.fUsu1GnS1IgNYdO 1t v LrplB 7_igMT8vD7l Exy7Vc
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