My Ssec Capstone Project Milind Sathve

Milind Sathve

Milind Sathve, (1999), develop that security bothers and nonattendance of responsiveness in web
based saving money are the significant issues in Australia. The creator likewise prescribed a few
different ways to beat the obstructions and internet saving money administrations ought to be
joined with the customer administration and dispersion strategy to spare working costs of banks.
Chanaka Jayawardhena, Pant Foley,(2000), specified the impact of internet over conventional
banking. Online banking is increasing rapidly over conventional banking. In the United
Kingdom, the authors explored 12 banks and establish that the hindrance free access of
customer’s account made online banking more familiar among its users. Online banking is both
beneficial and profiting from the customer’s and bank’s point of view. By supplying online
banking services to its customers, bank can save working capital cost and increase effectiveness.