My Ssec Capstone Project Methods of Research Name

Methods of Research Name

Methods of Research
Name: Cathlia May L. Malpal
Course/Year & Section: BSI/T-3A
Direction: Use this format to guide you in writing your introduction. Write a paragraph that satisfy the statement below.
Presentation of the importance of the system software, algorithms, processes or an enterprise resource plan to be designed and/or developed.Scholarships provide an opportunity for many people to earn an education. Without assistance from an outside source, students may have trouble paying for the degree they need in order to enter the workforce and become a contributing member of the society. The government and non-government organizations tend to help students through scholarship program to support and give them necessary financial assistance to the students. There are countless reasons a student would have to apply for financial aid or receive gifted funding to attend school. The institutions and organizations providing scholarships to students must take care to accurately manage their finances to ensure strong relationships with donors and recipients. Implementing scholarship management Information system is an effective way to monitor this activity. It is a Management Information system designed to improve the scholarship application and awarding process in the organization. It helps the organization to make things easier in achieving their task, speed efficiency and perfections of work and to address the problem quickly in terms in managing, evaluating, processing, monitoring student information and scholarship record1.
Research Locale. Tell something about the organization or group where the research will be conducted. This organization usually is the target beneficiary of the proposed system software.

Office of Congressman Lord Allan Velasco is the organization that gives scholarship assistance to thousands numbers of students, who were aiming to became beneficiaries and part of the scholarship programs. Currently, the procedures of applying, managing scholarship and evaluating application forms at Office of Congressman Lord Allan Velasco are all done manually using paper-based processing. Applicants have to fill out their application forms and submit it to the office with the requirements manually. After the screening process to the applicant’s credentials, evaluation of applicant’s form and verification of applicant’s name in enrollment list the staff can make the final list of scholars.

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The existence of an unsatisfactory condition; a felt problem that needs a solution. A solution that involves development of a system software.

Currently the organization used manual processing that makes the whole process inconvenient. Proper evaluation of student’s application using a paper-based processing consumed a lot of time. Sometimes, there is an unexpected error that might happen in the application that may cause further delay of the application processing 3. Researcher discuss that there is an instance that it is difficult to process, and prone to errors in reviewing and compiling student applicant’s and preparing for the publishing of final list of the student who will received an scholarship. The possibility of errors cannot be ruled out; attempts to improve the errors identified usually lead to delay due to repeating the process 4. Another reason is difficulty in managing and tracking records of every students to verify if the student’s information in the requirement is true and applicants is actually enrolled or whether he/she is still studying5.

A desire to find a better way of doing something or improving the present system.One way of providing a performance in processing applicant’s information and certain task faster than humans is a system that has features of accepting applicaction online. The fast processing of passing applications and easy managing records of student whether it is retrieving or editing records will manage easily through the system and it will help a lot the staff to do some task that more importants. 6 Currently some study aim to improve awarding of scholarship program process through to developing system that will assist and manage information and also has the ability to manage the record of every student and track from the enrollment list if the student is actually enrolled help easily maintaining students records7.

Enumerate the problems to be solved by your research study.

The study will give the solution to the following (1) Time consuming in proper evaluation using paper-based processing method in processing student’s application. Sometimes, an error in the application may cause further delay the application processing ( 2) Difficulty and prone to errors in processes of compilation of students application, review of applicants information, preparing and publishing final list. The possibility of errors cannot be ruled out, attempts to improve the errors identified usually lead to delay (3) Difficulty to manage and track the record if a student is actually enrolled and whether he or she is still studying.

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