My Ssec Capstone Project Maintaining quality and brand value in a competitive market now-a-days are very difficult to attain

Maintaining quality and brand value in a competitive market now-a-days are very difficult to attain

Maintaining quality and brand value in a competitive market now-a-days are very difficult to attain. New Belgian Brewery did not compromise on its quality despite its growth over the time and there are few reasons behind achieving this great feat. First, we can see that from the very beginning, New Belgian Breweries focus was on quality over quantity. The company has grown leaps and bounds from the owner’s basement to multiple brewery sites over time but the product quality has not suffered due to its size. The company has made sure that the quality of its beer is very closely monitored in a controlled, efficient and eco friendly manner. The company has invested a lot in establishing and investing in cutting edge technology and state of the art facilities so that maximum productivity could be achieved without sacrificing the quality. For attaining this great achievement, the company needed employees that are totally involved and would work for the companies benefit and that could only be possible if the employees have some vested interest in the company to progress over time. So, the management has taken a historical step, they made sure that after one year of employment with the company an employee’s status is upgraded to employee owner and they are rewarded with company shares.
The benefits of making the employees as shareholders were innumerable. It helped creating a more productive work environment as the employees feel inspired and driven towards benefits of the company. They find ways to do their own work efficiently and feels motivated to find ways how to improve certain process that can help the company to save money and eventually profit more. Consequently, the employee stock owner program applied at New Belgium also gave the company a competitive edge in employee retention which in turn reduces the costs of hiring and training employees. As the older employees understand the operating process more they also learn how to make it efficient which helps maintaining the quality of the product and helps enhancing it.
New Belgium Brewery encourages and values employee feedback and inputs. As part owners, an employee can bring up any idea on what could make the company sell more, produce more, or in some cases what needs to be fixed and how it could be done. Through the horizontal hierarchy New Belgium empowers its employees, which enables the employees to pursue quality within their own departments and achieve rewards as an employee owner. Even though there is a flat structure but because of the empowerment of each individual, all employees are considered area leaders and everyone is responsible for ensuring that quality remains high.


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