My Ssec Capstone Project Kip Kinkle was a high school student at Thurston High

Kip Kinkle was a high school student at Thurston High

Kip Kinkle was a high school student at Thurston High. Kip was locked up for killing his parents, five students, and injuring over 20 kids at school. Kip had some psychological problems due to some of the disciplines; psychology, scientology, anthropology. Kip had social aspects in his life, maybe if he have been treated properly, he would not have to commit the crimes he did.

To start, Kip Kinkle was very isolated and had many life problems that may have started his problems at a young age. He had dyslexia, so he couldn’t read or write well. This caused Kip to feel very frustrated and to fall behind in class and have to be held back a year. Psychologist would say that e had this problem due to brain structure and chemicals which caused him to have learning problems. He felt extremely and about himself. Kip had a really bad social life at home and school. He got bullied in school because of how small he was, thi would lead him to have low self-esteem. Kip also had lack of friends due to where he lived and how he’d always have one. This would make Kip feel isolated and lonely. This lead Kip into killing because he felt he couldn’t live up to anyone’s expectations.

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Kip tried to feel like everyone else and joined the football team. This thought made kip “wanting to feel strong.” This did quite the opposite for kip and made him feel more lonely and his self esteem was much affected, which can lead kip into
Kips friends got together and would order explosive materials on school property. They also built bombs. This can lead kids mindsets into being obsessive and wanting their life to be surrounded by it because of the feeling it gives off. Kip was friends with the skaters/ smokers group and they would steal things and get into trouble. Kip was caught stealing This shows kip got into trouble and was blamed a lot, thinking it was just him. Kip must’ve thought why would anything matter no if i’m already into trouble.

Kip had a huge interest in guns. Fathers friend was raised around guns, Kip knew that connection. This could lead kip into very wrong intentions just from looking up to his role models. Kip asked his parents for a knife and a real gun. Kip’s father bought him a few guns for special events like his birthday, thinking it was okay. Knowing kip and mental issues going on it should be known not to give your id a gun even in general. Kip ended up having knives and 7 guns with 1000 of rounds ammunition. This proves nobody hold hae any sort of gun(s) in their household. Especially with Kips obsession and depression the parents should be more aware. With a gun being there all the time, it’s easier for kip to just pick up and use when you feel your life is already falling apart, out of anger and sanes Kip couldn’t control which can lead him into doing a quick
Gun should not be tolerated with anyone in any household. People are okay with the wrongs deas just to make someone happy that may be in a hard state of mind to make them feel satisfied.

Interactions may not be the conclusions for the crimes Kip committed. All of the things he did were because of is physiological problems that were caused by these social science aspects of his life growing up that were mistreated. If Kip had well aware parents, better treatment, and wasn’t stuck in the wrong crowd, the shootings may not have happened. Kip