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How to control Women harassment?
Women Harassment is one of the greatest issue in the nation at this moment. There are a large number of women enduring each day and even the young ladies of age gather somewhere in the range of 6 and 12 are the people in question, we can expect how most noticeably awful circumstance our nation is in. The vast majority of the cases about this issue isn’t accounted for. Much of the time the reason is untoward, it is likewise the greatest concerning truth. They are stating that they fear the general public, perplexed of the general population around them. Individuals don’t look her indistinguishable path from she was previously. To be completely forthright, here the women had done nothing in correctly,however she is the person who is enduring a great deal. Perhaps it is because of the sort of culture that we are living in, might be it is because of the outlook of
the general population who are living around her, it is the broken framework. I don’t figure we can change this sooner, might be it is long haul procedure to change the attitude of the people.Here in the event that we see this issue intricately there are two kinds of issues, one is harassment and the other is how society is taking a gander at her. These two things should have been changed. In our nation for any issue we will in general take a gander at the security divisions or Law upholding offices for the arrangement, yet their answers are not palatable by any stretch of the imagination. They are stating “don’t get assaulted” to the women as opposed to stating “don’t assault” to the men who are included. The harassment cases are as yet expanding at a similar rate If not more than that. I don’t think hanging them or rebuffing them harder is the main answer for this, there must be something more. I think the arrangement is anticipation, I Mean as opposed to concentrating just on discipline we likewise need to put meet exertion on avoiding harassments. One of the arrangement is innovation. With innovation we can do anything which is inconceivable. May be can’t decrease the harassment cases to zero yet in any event it lessens the details. At last, I think we in addition to the fact that anteroom should to balance the offenders after any such occurrences, yet in addition we should dissent for keeping the harassment. Instruct individuals. I have been tought that we should regard women however a kindred companion not all that informed didn’t have similar perspectives. In the event that you encourage a youngster right the future will be correct
? Employees should mind the language they are working with their colleagues. This may have a significant impact unknowingly which has to be avoided.
? If some one is offended with his/her words, have to ask them to stop immediately.
? Observers has to respond immediately to the situation and stop the harassment activity and lodge a complaint in respective organization.
? The harassment authorities should take immediate and strict action to set an example in the organization.
? Government should makes its policies more clear and strict
? People should provide awareness regarding respects and right of women
? Seminars & talk shows should be conducted to aware people.
? Cases regarding harassment should reported.
? Organizaton & institutions of human rights and women rights should be promoted.

Arooj Fatima (page no:08)
Causes :
The causes of sexual harassment shift from individual to individual and from circumstance to circumstance. This dialog can just cover a portion of the primary components. A large number of the causes are interrelated, and are connected to the way of life and qualities in the public eye and in organizations, and to the jobs, relative power and status of the people concerned.

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Socialization :
The manner by which people were raised to see themselves as well as other people firmly impacts their conduct. Different perspectives could make an atmosphere that permits sexual harassment:
Social and political changes lately have changed power connections. A few men feel compromised by the professional success of women and ethnic minorities, or are uneasy with women’s recently discovered autonomy and emphaticness at home and/or at work. Other men who have as of late picked up places of intensity (conceivably following quite a while of separation) may likewise endeavor to substantiate themselves by irritating women subordinates.

? Illiteracy
? Religious Extremism
? Miss interpretation of the teachings of Islam ; Quran
? Traditional values
? Societal demand
? Preference for son
? Low Standards of living
? Superiority complex by man