My Ssec Capstone Project Joshua Riley Ms

Joshua Riley Ms

Joshua Riley
Ms. Sheely
Senior Project
3 October 2018
What Do You Know About Sports Injuries?
Sports injuries can be caused by accidents, such as falling or coming into contact with something heavy. Sports injuries often occur when there is hard contact to a specific spot or limb to the body. Football is the type of sport that includes hard contact and is very physical. Other sports such as basketball, baseball, track, powerlifting, soccer, and tennis can cause an injury. Every kind of physical sport is healthy because it involves running, jumping, and stretching. Most sports injuries affect one’s soft tissues such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
There are numerous ways to prevent sports injuries such as stretching, proper lifting, ankle braces, etc. An ankle brace is something that will prevent an injury if the player has previously or has been injured. When playing football one must have the correct gear to prevent injuries. Helmets, shoulder pads, thigh pads, and knee pads are equipment that helps prevent injuries while playing football. These injuries are the ones that are most likely to happen during a game. To prevent these injuries one must always use the correct technique. Gear plays a very important role when it comes to physical sports. Injuries can be long lasting unless the ligament is being treated and worked out at times. The player must never sit around while the pain or ligament is torn or is needing treatment. The ligaments that are torn should be stretched and worked out at all times. Cramps are one type of injury that can affect a player because the players whole body can lock up. Cramps are a painful involuntary contraction of a muscle or muscles caused by a fatigue or strain. My next paragraph will explain the common types of injuries.
Cramps are one of the types of injuries. It is a painful contraction of a muscle. Ankle sprains, groin pulling, hamstring strain, shin splints, and knee injuries are different types of injuries. Shin splints are acute pain in the lower leg caused by prolonged running on hard surfaces. Knee injuries such as tearing an ACL and PDL. Tearing an ACL has to be taking care of carefully because it is possible to not play a sport again. Broken ligaments are serious injuries that has to be treated very carefully. Concussions is a specific type of injury which deals with the brain. It happens by having a hard contact to the head that will cause trauma to the head. Concussion will cause dizziness and memory loss. Hamstring strains is a common leg injury involving a tear in one or more of the hamstring muscles. A hamstring strain can range from mild to severe involving a complete tear. Shin splints can be caused by shoes that do not support the persons feet, weak ankles, hips, and core muscles. Ankle sprains is a type of injury that can cause internal injury. A sprained ankle is an injury that occurs when one rolls , twists, or turn their ankle in a different way. A sprained ankle occurs when a player rolls it. The next paragraph talks about high school injuries.
High school injuries can be very crucial to players. In high school the players are more likely to have an injury because they are out of control. The risks of high school players having an injury is high. Football coaches must be able to work in variations of weather. The weather conditions they must work in is the cold, rain, sleet, and even when it’s hot although it will be tough.Athletic trainers must be able to work in them different types of environment because it is important for the players to be able to play in any type of weather. They must have backup space just in case of weather issues They must also have equipment for any weather issues.They must also supervise students in practice. By being able to work in these conditions it helps them keep a good mindset and being able to work in them conditions. Athletic trainers are very concerned about their players when it comes to the weather. They must be concerned because if it’s hot and the parents son has asthma or or something they must be able to treat them in that situation. Athletic training is very challenging when it comes the heat because it is very hot and players temperature can rise very quick and cause them to faint or pass out. It is hard to concentrate in football when it is too hot or when it is raining outside. The players that have asthma it is hard for them to breathe but playing football that will help them overcome asthma. Football is what some people would call a man’s sport because it teaches the players about life such as when the athlete is knock down they would get back up and keep going and never quit. In an interview from 2018 Adam Butler stated, “When dealing with an injured player , my thought and intentions for the athlete is to do all that I can help him or her recover from their injury. Everything that I would do would be to help them get back on the playing field and to help them overcome their injuries. My job is not about me. It is about helping athletes become better than they were before their injury.” Athletic trainers overseas coaches as they work to ensure that players are good to play.. They will dedicate themselves to the players They also have the capability to put other parents kids into their hands in taking part in playing an fun sport. Athletic training requires skill and a good mindset of making decisions for the kids that play sports. My next paragraph explains sport injuries in general.
Sports injuries can affect players lives. When an injury occur to a player he or se has to continue to work out the pain because if not it will be everlasting and it will last until the player gets much older. The pain and injury would affect the player life heavy also because it will be hard to move around. Sports is a great sport to play for example, football is a great hard hitting contact sport. This sport shows how getting knocked down or injured it is possible to bounce back up from an recovery.
Sport injuries usually occur when a hard hit to the specific limb or it can occur when it is turn badly or the wrong way running. All of the different types of injuries can happen often in players or anyone’s lives. Most sports injuries are caused by either accidents. The face is the most vulnerable area of the body and is usually the least protected. These injuries are most often due to direct hits with a ball or player-to-player contacts. A sports injury can evoke a lot of emotions—pain and disappointment, to name a few. Recovering from your injury, and describing that recovery, can show hard work, and bravery in obstacles, and many other admirable qualities. Having an injury and being out from your sport can be one of the hardest things to deal with in life. Especially to a dedicated athlete. All the work and preparation put in in the offseason by the athlete will be used to sit out and watch his teammates compete. Being injured is a difficult journey and is physically and mentally tough to heal from. Injuries can not only wreck seasons but ruin careers and lives. Injuries are a part of sports, but it needs to be up to the athlete to know when its time to heal or give up the game for good.