My Ssec Capstone Project Jennifer Valencia 08/20/18 Pd

Jennifer Valencia 08/20/18 Pd

Jennifer Valencia
Archetypal Analysis of Myth from Edith Hamilton’s Mythology

Part one: The gods, the creation, and the earliest Heroes
Chosen myth: Dioscouri
Situational Archetype: Death and rebirth
The myth of Dioscouri is a prime example of the situational archetype of the death and rebirth because of the two twins who were very united and always together sons of Zeus and Leda. Eventually they had went to battle and Castor died, and Pollux asked Zeus to take his life as well. Zeus ended up bringing back Castor, but one got to spent time in Olympus while the other got to be an immortal. This is related to death and rebirth because he died but Zeus brought him back, so it was like he was born again. This archetypes purpose is to show how Greeks believed in immortality and how gods could be brought back to life.

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Symbolic archetype: The myth of dioscouri is a prime example of the symbolic archetype color red because it represents how his brother Pollux would sacrifice himself in order to save his own brother. This archetype purposes

Character archetype:

Part two: Stories of love and adventure
Chosen myth: Cupid and psyche
Situational archetype: The task
The task in the myth is when Venus makes Psyche run through multiple hard labor for her to prove her love to cupid. But, Venus is doing this to keep her away from her son. The archetypes purpose is to show how Psyche had hope that if she did these tasks she could get to her husband. In the end Venus couldn’t keep them apart and Psyche tasks were accomplished in a way.

Character archetype: The temptress
Psyche physical beauty in this case caused Cupid to not follow what his mother desired, which was to make her fall in love with a vicious man. This archetype purpose was to show how her beauty is what made Cupid be injured from the oil burn, since she was curious. And this could have made him die if it would have done more damage.

Symbolic archetype: light vs darkness
The light to Psyche is a way of her being able to see her husband and conforming he isn’t no serpent or vicious person. The darkness to cupid represented faithfulness and trust since she didn’t really ask more about his appearance and he was comfortable with that. Light vs darkness in their relationship just shows the level of trust and how it confirmed Psyches desires but mistrusted Cupids.

Part three: The great heroes before the trojan war