My Ssec Capstone Project Jalisa Young Professor XYZ English 18 July 2018 Argumentative Paper

Jalisa Young Professor XYZ English 18 July 2018 Argumentative Paper

Jalisa Young
Professor XYZ
18 July 2018
Argumentative Paper: Abortion vs. Adoption
You never want to make a decision you will regret. Imagine it’s your fourteenth birthday but instead of celebrating with friends, you are in the lobby of a health clinic. The doctor mentions you are pregnant and have three options – abortion, adoption, or raising a newborn. You are not considering the choice of being a new mother. You want to explore life, go to college and travel the world. A child will cause your plans to detour or never happen. So, after thorough research you decide to abort the child. “My body, my choice. (Schallhorn)”
The issue of whether a woman should abort or adopt is highly debatable. It is an important issue because it analyzes the cycle of life by giving you a choice. It can be very difficult dealing with unplanned pregnancy, however, you must make a life changing decision. Adoption activists suggest giving the child to a family that can love and support them. Unfortunately, there is no manual to life and the sacrifices you are willing to make. This paper will examine and debate the premises supporting the practice of adoption.
According to Planned Parenthood, millions of women consider having an abortion, and about 4 out of 10 of them decide to get an abortion. Only one can make that choice despite other people’s opinions, beliefs, or values. At the tender age of 14, you are emotional unstable, struggling with self-identify and developing a sense of morality. The choice to abort the child will allow you time to grow and fulfill your life goals. On the opposing side, one may believe you are selfish and created a life that you have purposely ended. We have all made decision that will impact our lives. The decision to abort the child should not be used as a meter to rate a person’s character.
A recent article reported “Cyberattacks and threats, as well as internet harassment, have escalated, aiming to disrupt services, intimidate providers and patients, and prevent women from getting the care they need. (Grant)” You should be able to make a choice for your life without criticism. There is hatred around this choice but at least you won’t have a lifetime to answer to your child about your decisions. The option to adopt, will possibly create resentment within the child, knowing their parent didn’t raise them. The actual child will grow up, and someday ask question which you may or may not have answers. Therefore, it is key to put your needs above the judgments of others. You don’t want to experience the pain of becoming a mother without the result of becoming a mom. The social pressures of the world will force you to struggle with this issue for a lifetime.
Abortion is an emotionally difficult process for women. However, it’s not uncommon to be emotional about anything that requires an unchangeable decision. Women are emotional creatures and have to balance multiple facets of life. If you have an abortion or adopt, you may have to consider various forms of therapy to cope with stress. It’s a matter of what’s best for you.
In this case, an abortion has to only be between the people you choose to tell. The entire world does not have to judge you if you don’t tell them. Adoption does not provide a concrete end. The child could want to know who you are later in life. You will be forced to deal with the pain of your past through someone else’s perspective.
The option to abort is not considered a “clear slate” or “new start”. You should look at it as a decision you made for YOU! Abortion agencies have ways to protect your information and support your decision to move forward in life. The adoption and abortion options are in place to help you return to life before you start a new one. The article focused on abortions and adoption stated “Although most adoptions were closed in the past, this has changed over the years. In today’s adoptions, most children grow up knowing their birth parents. This kind of relationship is believed to be the most beneficial. (Press)” They may be the most beneficial relationship but the child has their own way of thinking. There is no clear reaction to you making this decision. You will be living in the unknown – hoping you are accepted.

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