My Ssec Capstone Project Jacob Kim Mrs

Jacob Kim Mrs

Jacob Kim
Mrs. Guzzino
Adv. Language, Per. D
05 March 2018
The Evils of Social Media
Psychologist Eden Foster says that in order for something to be defined as cyberbullying it has to be “repeated, hostile, and severe with the intent to embarrass, threaten, or harass.” “Around half of teens have been victims of cyberbullying” says Harford County Examiner. With social media so common in today’s society, cyberbullying is a huge problem. These cyber threats should be prosecuted and sent to jail.
Suicide and self harm is an issue in our world. One major reasons for these kinds of incidents is cyberbullying. In 2012, a sixteen year old girl named Amanda Todd took her own life due to online harassment, from her “friends”, boys, and other complete strangers. This shows us that mean comments on the internet doesn’t just hurt someone’s feeling. These “hurt feelings” can lead to teen depression, feelings of powerlessness, lowered self esteem and in some cases, even suicide. The words that these bullies post can bring much harm to people.