My Ssec Capstone Project Italy is a peninsula in Europe

Italy is a peninsula in Europe

Italy is a peninsula in Europe. Which, as of 2017, has a population of 60.6 million and a density of 201 inhabitants per 520 square miles. The annual growth rate is decreasing by 0.2% each year. Italy has an area of 116,347 square miles. As of 2015, Italy has a fertility rate of 1.37 births per woman and a life expectancy of 83.49 years.
Italy’s capital is Rome, located in the central-western section of the Italian Peninsula. In 2016, Rome was ranked the fourth-most populous city in the European Union, was the 3rd most visited in the European Union, the 14th most visited city in the world, and the most popular tourist attraction in Italy.
Italy has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. Winters in Italy are chilly and humid in the north and the mountainous zone. Occasionally cold air from northern Europe can disseminate south into Italy, delivering snow to mountains. While the high sea temperature keeps the coast warm. Storms that cause a strong, frigid wind can bring snow and heavy winds. The summer can be quite torrid in Italy with high nightly temperatures of usually 82-91°F, but sometimes even 104°F. Thunderstorms are quite frequent, especially in the northern areas. The Mediterranean climate in Italy has often local variations. Surrounded by warm seas and with mountains close by, the coast always has a breeze; mountain areas are usually cooler with clear, sunlit skies, but sometimes local downpours or thunderstorms in the afternoon. Hot air ascending from the sea can cause massive Thunderstorms, but these bring often the only summer rain that very quickly evaporates. In spring and fall a tepid wind from Africa. Which raises the temperature of the peninsula. In the summer, these winds can bring scorching, undesirable weather, sometimes even up to the northern districts of Italy.
Sergio Mattarella was named President of Italian Republic with the assistance from the Democratic Party, New Centre-Right, Civic Choice, Union of the Centre, and Left Ecology Freedom on 31 January 2015. Mattarella formally was accepted by the Democratic Party, after he was suggested by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Mattarella took the place of Giorgio Napolitano, who served the longest presidency (nine years) in the history of the Italian Republic.
Italian cuisine usually has many dishes having only two to four main ingredients. Italian like their ingredients fresh and lightly seasoned and spiced. Italian cooks rely on the condition of ingredients instead of the preparation. The most commonly used ingredients used, ranging from fruits, vegetables, sauces, meats, etc. In Northern Italy, fish, potatoes, rice, corn, sausages, pork, and different kinds of cheeses are the most common ingredients. Pasta dishes with tomatoes are spread all over Italy.