My Ssec Capstone Project Introductory statement

Introductory statement

Introductory statement: In very recent times we are confronting about the new disease, some of disease is not curable; some was not curable before, some are treated successfully under a comprehensive medical approach, etc. But we as a learner are handy needed to put our effort on getting more specific knowledge at all times possibly along with our primary motives of understanding about public health which is more a stronger issues for any government of any country. So from that point of view, I will put my maximum effort on following—-
o to demonstrate my knowledge about contribution roles of different agencies for indentifying various level of disease in the communities,
o To draw some explanation by using data of epidemic diseases on basis of infectious and non-infectious that can be spreadable in any country, society or community.
o Also I will try to draw an attention on the effective measurement on different existing approaches and strategic control of incidence disease in community.
A. It is very much emerging tendency or attention for any governmental health department to address any kind of infectious or non-infectious disease which is sometime non controllable or curable. Sometime it get worse or better by the fact of so many surrounding component can be responsible but we as general mob cannot explain all of the subject matter in short form of my writing. As it is basically a great subject matter for concerning health dealing department of the respective government guidance. Like I can say that we always think or we already know about some of this disease are always existed in past, now and hopefully new disease will introduce in future which may need new vaccine or new treatment for the demand of upcoming time. If we go back about 20 years before by assuming a disease of Diarrhoea which was not a curable at all on that particular time. Then after long research and continuous study the scientist invent an efficient and practical way of dealing this particular health scene which was taken thousands and thousands lives just because of no medical power could not available. This is how we became very conscious and careful about any new disease occur around us and cause lot of lives in any community or country. I can make long list about some of the diseases such as HIV, Cancer, Cholera, Malaria, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Cancer which may be classed over 100 plus by defining their significance, Ebola, Nor-virus, etc. above mentioned disease is sometime turn into a disaster for any country or community which may need a complete support from the health sector to settle the health problem under stable condition and firmly it is a duty of public health division. So apparently it looks like more or less classification of some kind of infectious disease and non infectious what can be analysed under epidemiological study of Public health trends. In the light of this topic requirement, here is found some following epidemic disease of infectious and non infectious in below:
Infectious disease: it can be one of those which are marked as a disorder caused by organism such as bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites. More firmly it is considered as less harmful, but under certain conditions it may turn into a great cautionary threat to public-wise, sometimes it spread from person to person, transmits by bites from insects to animal and even to human, at some point it may transmit to others by ingesting contaminated food or water as well as by being exposed to organisms in the surrounding environment. Example for these types of disease is Sepsis, Buruli ulcer, hepatitis c, malaria, leprosy, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and may more.
Non infectious disease: Very basic thing about non infectious disease that cannot be passed from one person to another by any contact or touch of this infected person. More specifically we can say that is non communicable disease (NCD) which is never happen by any infectious agent with close contacting or touching and it may also become chronic diseases that may last for long period and developing in slow motion. The responsible factor is identified for this category mainly is Environment, Genetics and ongoing lifestyles.