My Ssec Capstone Project INTRODUCTION “Once is enough if you seize every moment that you have

INTRODUCTION “Once is enough if you seize every moment that you have

“Once is enough if you seize every moment that you have.” In our childhood days, it is undeniable that we experienced and encountered moments with less of problems, stress, depressions and worries, that moment that you have nothing to think for but just to play outdoors during sunny and even rainy days, like tumbangpreso, habul-habulan, patintero etc. These justify on how simple yet enjoyable life is before. However, through the progress, it seems easier. It is a transformation from oldest things to the newest and effective process that we used to be, the technology, such as cellphones, tablets and the most common one the computer which involves various kind of games, either online and offline games.
As the emergence of high-tech gadgets, we can say that we are lucky for existing in the easiest way of living. However, in contrast for this instance, it was proven that more often we used them all out of balance or under control. It seems that we are more familiar of the terms DOTA 2 or commonly known as Defense of The Ancients 2. But for general Ideals, DOTA 2 are just a game only that popularly known and widely played in various places around the world. However, most cases provided that DOTA 2 has been one of the controversy issue being played by students today in an excessive way that greatly affected their academic performance. Thus, this research is conducted to provide further information about the relationship between excessive playing to their academic performance while central to this research is to give awareness to students and even the readers that hope to be implemented.
DOTA 2 is an online game involving multiple players. Two teams of five players attempt to penetrate the other team’s base and destroy a structure called an Ancient. Each player controls a hero who has special powers and must be leveled up.
DOTA 2 is played by millions of fans all over the world from North America to Asia and beyond. Based on the Verge Gaming (Sottek 2015), more than 10 million people plays DOTA 2, making it one of the most popular online games in the world. More users play DOTA 2 simultaneously than the nine ranked games combined and it is going up from there. Imagine the millions of gamers, which include the senior high school students of PHNIMA-COC playing DOTA 2 with excessive time as this game needs to have enough time to play on. There are good effects but the negative effects are more prevalent to SHS students.
According to Sudipita 2018, excessive gaming of DOTA 2 has good effects as it improve moods and ward-off anxiety, quick thinking and accuracy problem solving abilities and cognitive functions. But in contrast, this can cause aggression, addiction, adverse effects on health and especially poor academic performance.

This kind of online game greatly affects the academic performance of the students. Spending excessive amount of time(more than two hours as policy recommendations for use of electronic media are two hours per day in the US, UK and in playing DOTA 2 can severely disruptive to student’s education. This disruption to student’s education can cause future problems. In this research, we researchers conducted this problem in aiming to give awareness to those SHS G11-GAS students who play excessively and identify the effects of excessive gaming to student’s academic performance.
Teenagers nowadays can be easily hooked up on online games like DOTA 2. They cannot manage their time on playing. Once a teenager get addicted to this game DOTA 2, it is very hard to stop. This study aims to help the players to manage their time in excessive playing DOTA 2 to overcome their problems regarding to their academic performance.
Specifically, this aims to answer the following questions;
1. How does DOTA 2 affects PHINMA-COC G11-GAS student’s academic performance?
2.How often do PHINMA-COC G11-GAS students expose themselves to this game DOTA 2?
3.What are the factors that greatly influence SHS students to play excessively on DOTA 2?

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Excessive playing of DOTA 2 can greatly affect the academic performance of the G11-GAS SHS students. According to, Defense of the Ancients, believe it or not, greatly affects the state of our youth on a negative note in psychological, social, physical and emotional well-being and the performances of students in the area of academics of those involved are slowly distorted by the temporary pleasures of playing the game.
Most students believe that playing DOTA 2 can make their stresses and problems go away but in fact it is not. Students that are excessively playing of DOTA 2 cannot easily stop themselves but slowly they can lessen their time of playing.

Playing games is a natural part of growing. It is said to be as a stress reliever, a way to socialize, to entertain, to have fun, and to be a competitive one.
However, in our certain situation right now, we cannot deny the reality that students gets more attached as the evolution of technology goes far to its development that included the transformation of computer games. Moreover, students gets more exposed as the DOTA 2 arises and introduced in this generation. In addition, once DOTA invades young lives, it touches the different aspects of a person, including their behavior, attitude, hygiene and most importantly to their academic performances which is the central to this study. In relation, this research was performed in order to help students who excessively play DOTA 2 to understand the possible negative effects and to give awareness to know our time management by not wasting it to the things that needs to be prioritized first than others.
To the students: This study will enlighten their perceptions and enable them to manage their time wisely.
To the parents: This study will guide them to educate their children to minimize their too much involvement to this problem.
To the readers: This study will warn and aware us to prevent engaging to this kind of problem as much as possible.
To the society: This study will encourage us to be a good influence, especially to the youths to lessen their consumption in playing DOTA 2.

This study was conducted to identify the impact of excessive playing on DOTA 2 among G11-GAS students to their academic performance in PHINMA-COC located at Max Suniel Street, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City. This study is intended for 10 senior high school students.

To understand this study well, you must familiarize these following terms:
DOTA 2 – is an online multiplayer game in wherein there are 2 teams. Each team has 5 players and 11 towers and 1 ancient(power base) to protect.
Academic performance – refers to the level of schooling you have successfully completed.
Excessive – exceeding what is usual, proper, necessary, or normal
Disruptive – disturbance or problems that interrupt an event, activity, or process.