My Ssec Capstone Project INTRODUCTION Like forex


Like forex, crypto currency trading is the exchange of crypto currencies, were traders buy and sell crypto currencies. This may include Bitcoin or altcoin for USD or other trade pairs. Some traders may want to be day traders while others may decide to buy specific crypto currencies and keep for long term. No matter the named category crypto currency traders fall into, they both need a CRYPTOCURRENCY WALLET. Crypto currency wallets are software programs that stores private and public keys and interact with various Blockchain to enable users to be able send and receive digital currency and monitor their balance.

HOT WALLETS and cold wallets are the two (2) major types of crypto currency wallets available. Hot wallets includes mobile, desktop and online wallets which offers high convenience because they are connected to the internet but the security level of Hot wallets are low and as such are not recommended for users.

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The second type of crypto currency wallet available is the COLD WALLETS that consists of paper wallet, steel wallet and hardware wallet. This cold wallets are totally offline wallets and offer high security level for stored crypto currencies because most of the time they are offline.

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About CoolWallet S Hardware Wallet
CoolBitX with a major goal of creating an environment were users can completely manage their private keys and be completely free from centralized organizations. CoolBitX founded in 2014 by Michael Ou strongly believes in a future where users can have complete control over their digital assets with full security. For this reason CoolBitX Technology has built an advanced cold storage solution: the CoolWallet S.

CoolWallet S Hardware Wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and other ERC20 Tokens. Combining the very best class of security and full mobility, CoolWallet S with a different type of innovative feature will offer physical flexibility with its credit card size, water proof protection, over the air software and firm ware updates and many more features that hardware wallets in use presently do not have.

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One of the major challenge faced in the crypto currency industry is SECURITY. All over the world hackers use different methods and tactics to launch remote attacks and steal funds from various traders. This damages the public trust of crypto currency industry. Also Investors in crypto currencies all have high priorities for conveniences. This gives the users the full ability to access their assets at any given period of time with full user experience. When 100% convenience is provided by a particular platform, more and more users will join that platform because everyone wants to be convenient. Most of the Hardware wallets in use today are designed with the USB feature which reduces the rate of convenience for users.

CoolBitX designers and engineers all came from cybersecurity, academia, and hardware development fields and are all devoted to make the Blockchain community a better environment for daily users and traders. With their years of research and development CoolBitX technology designed an advanced cold storage wallet i.e. the CoolWallet S. This wallet offers high security and will be convenient for users.
CoolWallet S will have an interplay between ultra-secure hardware and intuitive software. With this CoolWallet S, users will have the opportunity to carry out all their transactions without entertaining the fear of hackers or even physical danger because end to end secure control over digital assets will be available for users. CoolWallet S developed as a native app on IOS and Android smartphones fortified by the cold storage hardware wallet which will always require the user biometric data to confirm each transaction for maximum security. The credit card sized hardware wallet designed also with a safe feature of user interface screen and also a tactile button which will enable users to manually confirm transactions. CoolWallet S Partnering with Joyso will provide a hybrid decentralized exchange, allowing users to securely trade on their wallets and smartphones with ease and convenience.

Coolwallet S user, mobile App and Hardware Wallet combined together for complete transaction
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CoolWallet S determined to provide complete protection for its users shared the responsibility of security among these 3 factors; the app, the wallet, and the user. Each of these factors must correctly play their parts and work simultaneously for a complete successful transaction on the wallet. Offering maximum security, the CoolWallet S will totally be free from intruders or hackers because none of the available single components is capable of controlling the other components. An intruder or hacker can never gain access into the wallet; even if he controls the app and wallet he will not be in possession of the biometric data of the user that will be used to confirm transactions. For transactions to be successful the system must have the hardware wallet, the app, and the biometric of the user. This strategy will always protect funds of users from hackers and even from physical danger.

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CoolWallet S will be the first world’s only mobile hardware wallet designed on both iPhone and Android devices offering secured cold storage for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, and ERC20 Tokens. If you are reading this and you trade crypto currencies CoolWallet S is for you because no more Confusing and clunky USB Based hardware wallets, CoolWallet S will be a Wireless wallet Encrypted via Bluetooth providing Convenient, Fast and secured transaction.