My Ssec Capstone Project Introduction Fitness is the condition of being physically fit and healthy

Introduction Fitness is the condition of being physically fit and healthy

Fitness is the condition of being physically fit and healthy (Dictionary 2018). The main fitness components of touch football include muscular strength, muscular endurance, aerobic capacity and flexibility. The aim of a good fitness program is to prevent injury and get fitter as a person. If your fitness program is good you should be able to last a full 50 minute game and put in the work. Touch football is mix of rugby league with a few modifications to the rules. The aim is to score in the other zone. There are six players on a touch field two middles which are ball players, two links that run lines and two winger out on the edges that are fast and should score tries. The game goes for 50 minutes and 25 minute halves. The chosen position is middle, I have chosen this position because. I am 14 years old I have not played touch competitively but I have played touch for this school. I play rugby and league and I play centre. The aim of this report is to create a training session to improve a component of fitness is touch football.

My strengths recorded from my fitness test includes flexibility, speed, muscular endurance, aerobic endurance, power, co-ordination and body composition. When I tested myself for flexibility I got 15 which is a rating of 3 which is the highest rating the average for this is -3.5 to +3.9. For my speed I got 4.55s in the 40m sprint the average for this sprint is 5.50s – 6.60s. Muscular endurance I got 46 push ups in in 1 minute which is good the average for this test is 26-44. For my aerobic endurance in got 5 minutes and 23 seconds which is a rating of 3 the average person should get between 6.01min – 7.5min.for my power I got 63cms which is another good result the average result for this is 30cm – 49. I got a rating of 3 in my co-ordination where I got 58 wall bounces in 1 minutes the average for this test is 16 – 24. For my body composition I got 22 which is another 3 the average for this is 17-18 and 25-26. My weaknesses where agility where I got 12.2 seconds which is only a rating of 2 (average). My hand grip strength was also a rating of 2. My balance was another 2 with 21 seconds for my stork stand.

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The fitness session that I will be improving on will be agility. This component is essential in touch as you need it to be able to move quickly and step through defenders. I will be performing this session in a circuit with various drills in it so people are not getting bored and constantly improving on their agility. I will be using agility ladder, agility poles and cones to improve on this component.
I was well prepared for my session so everything went smoothly. The group seemed to enjoy the beginning but because the drill was continues they got a bit bored towards the end. My session was based on agility for touch. The athletes completed the drill quickly so they could get a long break. I think the athletes gained new skill because the first 2 times they did it they were having trouble but the next times they could do it with ease. If I could do this drill better I would make two drills so it could be a race and they would not get bored.