My Ssec Capstone Project Interpersonal communication may be defined as the interchange of ideas

Interpersonal communication may be defined as the interchange of ideas

Interpersonal communication may be defined as the interchange of ideas, information or knowledge between two or more individuals. It is a type of study that helps to define how people achieve a number of personal or relational goals. The communication between two people influence the human skills such as active listening, how to behave, leadership, patience and problem solving etc. Interpersonal communication plays a vital role in an individual’s life because it helps people let know who we are, how we behave and what our values are. Most of our communication is speechless because most of messages we send out to other people is by our body language. For example, what is being said depends upon actions of our body like when you nod or smile that means you are saying yes. Non-verbal messages are usually used on the place of words. For example, laughing and raising your eyebrows and other face expressions etc.
As I described above, interpersonal communication helps to improve skills which directly develops individual’s worldview. Interpersonal communication have a big contribute or we may say strongest influence on my worldview. As I am noticing from last two years I changed my way of interacting with people in society with different jobs, castes, religions etc. It boosted up my knowledge and experience. It developed my skills such as being active in society that what is happening around and what is changing day-by-day. According to me, Interpersonal communication is the base of success of a society. The society where people do conferences, meetings or gatherings just to raise up the knowledge about their surroundings. According to my opinion, the main skills that are influenced by interpersonal communication in developing my worldview are active listening, problem solving, patience and leadership. As I observed, patience is directly proportional to self-esteem. The self-esteem is a feeling about ourself that what we think about our ways, thoughts, actions etc. The self-esteem depends upon our childhood how we are treated by our parents, relatives and friends which may be positive or negative. In my chilhood, I got a lot of affection and love which developed high self-esteem, taught me how to be patient and treat nicely with others. There ia a strong bond between patience and self esteem. In my childhood, I learned a lesson of self-esteem by observing my parents that how they used to handle every situation with patience, There were many up and downs in our family but my family always stayed positive and patient, as a result of which there was solution of every problem with cool mind and patience. My early life helped me a lot in developing high-self esteem with sufferance. Moving to self-concept, it is a picture of ourself. Leadership contribured a lot to my self-concept. I do every work with complete dedication which in turn developes my self-confidence. I always remember that whatever work I am doing, I should do it with full responsibility. One of the most benefiting merit of leadership is honesty. Honesty is the refletion of self-concept which helps us to judge our personality.
The culture and religion means values shared by group of people. Every religion and culture have their own values which have both positive and negative effects. I belong to a culture which has norms that take for granted. I started learning about my religion from my childhood. My culture taught me that always be happy, respect your elders, love your life, stay positive and be loyal. These all learnings help me to develop my intropersonal communication skills as working with honesty improves my leadership, active listening helps to be a good communicator. In society, people show their love and care for each other that increase the quality of high self- esteem. As I belong to Sikh religion, it teachs us not to discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, color, gender etc. This teaching changed my view of world that all are equal. We should not differentiate between various religions and classes. Every coin has two sides, my culture helps me to improve my skills but there are some limitations also. As we are only allowed to wear the dresses which are set according to our society such as girls cannot wear short dresses etc. Our culture also does not permit people to talk with unknowns because they feel that it is unsecure. As a result of which, I have a limited group of people to talk with. Due to this, I cannot develop my worldview because Intropersonal communication is described as exchanging ideas with another people. But as we have limitations, so we only engage in communication with our own community members . Concluding. there is no variation in the exchange of ideas. So, in our community, same ideas are keeping in change by different people. No new information or knowledge takes place which inhibits the development of the society or culture.
Interpersonal communication is tree and it has various branches such as oral communication,decision making, problem solving etc. which helps to change beliefs and values of an individual. To measure personal skills is not a big deal, as I can list out my personal qualities. First of all, I am good at active listening which helps me to understand the other person’s point of view or problem and solve it with patience and calm mind. I always keep it in mind that what and how to say stuff in a way that it does not hurt other person’s emotions and feelings. Interpersonal communication helps me to stay positive and better understand the situation so that I can solve it with full dedication by applying that situation on my own life. We should always remember that whatever we are saying does not put bad impact of ourself on other person. All in all, I donot judge people but yes, I campare people’s situations by relating them in my own life. However, according to my peers, I am not talkactive. Due to my past experiences, they judged that when someone communicates with me, I donot give any opinion and just allow them to do whatever they want to do.
Every person has own style of communicating with others. I always just want the brief description of conversation. I do not want reasons or details but just facts. I am interested in matters that are officially attached with me. I do not like to listen the life stories of other people. Whenever, someone engages with me with his/her life stories, I do not pay attention because I have no idea that what to respond them in conclusion. I know it is one of my limitation as some of my friends think that sharing their life stories with me are useless. So, obviously it is the bad impact of my natural responding styles. Moreover, I do not act like a third party to give suggestions because I am not so good in judgement. As in interpersonal communications, there are two types of messages i.e. verbal and non-verbal. According to my natural responding styles, I mostly use verbal messages because I am not too good at non-verbal messages such as body language and face expressions, so people cannot judge me that either I am responding in a positive or negative way.
To be successful in life, one should polish his/her skills. Interpersonal communication helps to strenghtn the bond with others in society. Interpersonal communication has changed my worldview by developing a plethora of skills like teamwork, problem solving (as described above). The good communication skills enables me to work more effectively in group or team and with members in society which builds strong relations in society and helps in understanding the people in better way. Instead of these strengths, there are also some limitations such as I do not give suggestions to others for their problems because I think it might hurt their emotions which may make the situation more complicated. In addition to this, I am an introvert person. No doubt, interpersonal communication skills have changed my view and I started engaging in talks but still I do not participate in negotiations or meetings because I feel unable to express my thoughts in front of others and always think that what others will say about me, what if I give wrong opinion to someone and if they apply it in their life which may have bad impact on their life. I also want to improve some of the communication skills. I want to be confident in sharing my ideas in front of others and actively engage in conversations to give suggestions, opinions and solve the problems.
To be concluded, to be successful in the present globalised scenario, an individual has to polish his/her interpersonal skills and keep them sharp always. Interpersonal communication plays a vital role in life because we live in society where we have to interact with different people such as when we talk to someone on phone, email or text messages etc, in all of these communication is very important. Interpersonal communication has developed many skills in me which have made me a good communicator and I am learning more day-by-day.