My Ssec Capstone Project instructor separately and then averaged across instructors by weighting got group size

instructor separately and then averaged across instructors by weighting got group size

instructor separately and then averaged across instructors by weighting got group size.
Symbolic interactionists theorize that a sense of self comes in communication as a result of feedback from others. Each person that we interact with calls for a unique self. A person who has multiple partners that they communicate with have more self experience. The results of this study showed that individuals are not born with a sense of self and that determines how information is processed. Sensitivity to feedback appears at earlier stages and this mediates the development of the self. Research also suggest that sensitivity to feedback mediates the ways in which people process self-relevant feedback.
In the second journal article it discussed the acquisition of the self in an offline environment. Thoughts, feelings and actions are three main concepts that our self embodies. Humans receive their experiences through the perspective of others. A situation was mentioned that a 4th grader spent most of his time participating in community service work, because he enjoyed helping the community. One day he heard his friends making fun of him for doing this. That hurt his feelings and so he reacted in return with a snarky remark. He imagined himself through the view of his peers, he built his own role as a reaction to the image his friends had about him. The frustration he felt relates to the situated identity, he wants to differentiate himself from his friends, making clear that he is a unique being.
Humans share common feelings and goals, creating a social reality. The 4th grader let himself emotions control him, before confronting any of his friends. One of his friends came to him later after school and asked him why was he so frustrated. After the 4th grader talked to his friend, he realized that his prejudices blinded him in understanding the entirety of the situation. Afterwards he figured his friends mentioned community service work, because they were thinking of doing the same. If the 4th grader understood the situation from the very beginning his frustration wouldn’t have occurred.
The third journal article I read studied an approach through the understanding of self-concept, significant others, and the social influence process (McDermott, 1980). In this experiment, an analysis was constructed on the extension of symbolic interactionist that people develop their communication by maintaining and changing their life self-concepts with others. The author decided to view communication networks along two dimensions, social networks and contacts within the social networks. The network of interpersonal influence is assumed to be quite stable, but their impact is viewed as attitude-specific.