My Ssec Capstone Project Influencing an employee will determine many factors such as opportunities for career growth

Influencing an employee will determine many factors such as opportunities for career growth

Influencing an employee will determine many factors such as opportunities for career growth, financial rewards, degree of autonomy, and level of resources to accomplish goals. An employee’s relationship with a direct supervisor is one of the most influential indicator of success or failure during a work experience. Managers tend to influence employee performance through behaviors, productive feedbacks, and performance reviews. In the case of my supervisors, there are few influencing actions that incentivize my work. Consultation is one of the main influences exercised by each of my direct superiors. Upper management’s conversations, meetings, and projects allow me to be constantly up to date with company’s results and changes. Treasury management directly involved me in tasks and responsibilities for the IPO (initial public offering) process such as coordinating a global split of cash repatriation to reduce debt before the launch of the new company.
Coalition Building and Reason are two other influential factors used by my direct superiors that impacts my behavior, interest, and motivations. Treasury management tends to pursue alignment of opinions and ideas with each treasury employee during projects, restructuring, and sale of entities. A perfect example relates to the IPO (initial public offering) that is undergoing to split Platform Specialty Products into two distinct companies. Treasury management has been seeking alignment about many factors such as separation of financial instruments (lines of credit, guarantees) and ways to repatriate liquidity such as dividends, 956 loans, and intercompany loans. The treasury team at Platform has impacted my business skills and behaviors through “appealing to logic and rational thinking”6. More specifically, challenging projects like the sale of entities represent important business experiences that helped me grow professionally through the development of more effective and rational thinking. For example, the movement of liquidity to US due to a sale was initially seen by my business prospective as a direct permanent cash flow of funds without other repercussions. However, the guidance and suggestions of my direct superiors allowed me to develop logical thinking towards other business perspectives such as foreign exchange impacts on the movement of funds, withholding tax rates, and desirable movements of funds in specific countries that held most of the company’s debt.
Treasury management has impacted my professional growth and business behaviors also via sources of power such as reward power that resulted in financial and personal awards including salary increases, bonuses, tuition reimbursement, lunches, team events, and company’s trips. Platform rewarding program is characterized by quarter-end dinners scheduled for all employees, treasury summer picnics, happy hours for birthdays and work anniversaries, and team’s trips (i.e ski trip in Vermont).
Expert power is an incredibly motivational tool especially if an employee like myself tends to strive for continuous knowledge and learning. My supervisors at Platform held years of business experience in the financial and treasury fields with companies such as GE, GM, and IBM. The knowledge emerges in specific situations in which superior skills are needed for complicated transactions (i.e IPO). Lastly, referent power or charisma is a type of influential tool extremely difficult to find in the current business world. “Referent power stems from the personal characteristics of the person such as the degree to which we like, respect, and want to be like them”4. Platform’s treasurer is an extremely charismatic individual able to obtain a promotion to a CFO role (of the new company based on IPO) by using incredible leadership skills during his tenure as a treasurer of Platform. Charismatic people lead with confident communication, superior intelligence, persuasion, and detail orientation. These characteristics emerge during meetings or when decision-making is needed regarding relevant business matters. The treasurer’s abilities to influence management with tactics well suited to company’s goals has been a superior strategic tool for Platform.
Managers control the crucial environmental tools essential to maintain and stimulate motivation in employees. “When we refer to someone as being motivated, we mean that the person is trying hard to accomplish a certain task. Motivation is clearly important if someone is to perform well”4, therefore environmental factors play a key role to determine performance. Employees should be trusted with the most relevant and up to date financial information, resources, and support to effectively and efficiently handle business problems. Organizational culture at Platform is represented by employees that are trusted and not micromanaged. The workforce is stimulated to speak up about matters and about solving problems. Motivation is a key component and an employee’s intrinsic enthusiasm that drives work and accomplishments. My direct superiors have been able to touch upon this essential factor by fulfilling team members’ needs and expectations from work. At Platform, managers always express how much they value people’s work and contributions within an environment of openness and acceptance. Treasury management always strive towards appreciation and merit in an environment of constructive feedbacks and recognition of work.
There are two main theories that allowed me to develop continuous growing motivations at work. Treasury management has a genuine interest in the future path of my career. This is shown by continuous inputs and feedbacks on the quality of work and team’s contribution. Management works towards employees’ personal development plan by offering constant coaching and mentoring that allowed me to develop skills and competences in treasury that were new to me because of my accounting backgrounds. Motivation follows also the ‘Two-Factor Theory’ and more specifically the “Hygiene factors that include company policies, supervision, working conditions, salary, safety, and security on the job”4. Building a work relationship with your direct superiors based on trust and reciprocal respect about ‘Hygiene factors’ is a fundamental motivational factor. At Platform, open communication allowed me to address specific salary expectations and job security from the start. The company provided me opportunities to succeed and earn a promotion as a result of work recognition and
In today’s global business environment, companies strive for ethically comprehensive practices and people’s values. Building an effective organizational culture is a fundamental step to achieve company’s goals. Platform Specialty Products core culture is driven by innovation, team orientation, and people orientation.