My Ssec Capstone Project In to Kill a Mockingbird there are many characters that are going through changes and then there are some who don’t get the chance to do that

In to Kill a Mockingbird there are many characters that are going through changes and then there are some who don’t get the chance to do that

In to Kill a Mockingbird there are many characters that are going through changes and then there are some who don’t get the chance to do that. A mentally ill or crazy person is very hard to spot in a sea of people. In the world today, many things that people do are deemed good and what we are doing is good. However, a lot of it is doing more harm than good. A mentally ill or unstable person isn’t born that way it’s the people that are surrounding them it’s the events, the world that makes them this way. One can never tell whose going crazy in their head, one can never point someone out. All of this relates to Arthur “Boo” Radley. Although Scout and Jem and others see him as a mentally ill and dangerous, Boo Radley is a sensitive man who is scared by the evil in the world in that he chooses social isolation. Arthur is naturally prone to shut many out because of his traumatic experiences. When we observe his mannerisms, thoughts, and actions it is 100 percent clear that he has been misjudged and categorized.
Arthur Radley is rarely heard from, rarely seen and has a whole stigma around him that he is dangerous and insane. Scout, Jem, and every other kid that lives around him have made up false tales and a whole backstory that Boo has sadly come to believe. Many characters in to kill a mockingbird are very biased towards Arthur especially Jem and Scout. Although they are unaware how much Boo cares for them, so much that he killed for them and considers them his own children. “Recalling In the story Boo shows his kindness when he sews Jem’s pants, when he leaves presents in the tree, and when he ultimately saves their lives.” (Lee, 31). Boo sees Scout and Jem as his children, which is why he mends Jem’s pants and covers Scout with a blanket, and why he ultimately kills for them “Boo’s children needed him.”(Lee, 46) Apparently his family disapproves of his affection for the children or Mr. Radley wouldn’t have cemented the knothole. But Boo is undeterred and loves them, even with the probable knowledge that he is the object of their cruel, childish games. All of the children and some adults are prejudice to him and Tom Robinson. They assign characteristics to Boo without validation they want to see Boo not as a person but as a carnival freak type curiosity. “Ironically, watching the injustice that Tom suffers helps the children understand why Boo may choose to be a recluse: “‘it’s because he wants to stay inside.'”” (
In To kill a mockingbird, there are many “mockingbirds” Boo Radley is symbolized as a mockingbird. Boo was simply a guy who did not like to go out and associate with other people and because of this he was tormented and teased. In the book he is described as someone who eats cats and is a monster but the author dropped clues that makes the reader realize he is victimized, misunderstood, and innocent. Boo Radley is a kind man halted and hurt by the evil of mankind. Boo was mocked and judged because he was different he was made fun of because no one knew him. All of this shows he’s the mockingbird and it shows how the people of Maycomb were killing the Mockingbird. The reason being that the mocking bird does nothing wrong, all it does is make beautiful music for everyone to hear. Boo has had a horrible past and was always punished for doing something bad and he put himself into Jem’s shoes when he decided to sew up his pants.
Lastly, Arthur was a very shy and innocent man, his past traumas dealing with his father caused him to not be all right mentally. Boo knew he had a problem and decided to lock himself up from the rest of society because he didn’t want to be gossiped about and ostraziced. Boo is actually a young boy and shows these children kindness because he never played with friends, he may have never had friends. He was a victimized character, an innocent character who was misunderstood and he couldn’t do anything to change it.


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