My Ssec Capstone Project In this task

In this task

In this task, I am going to clarify functions of cell and component and identifying component of the body. The dissimilarities among physiology and anatomy is which anatomy speaks about the internals structure of the body however physiology teaches us how body functions work. Our body is made up of numerous systems for instance muscular system; cardiovascular system, etc. Individuals system entails of organs that work together to achieve exact function; for instance the respiratory system main organ is the lung that is accountable for breathing. Likewise, organs comprise of dissimilar tissues; tissues are created from the cells which has alike make up which functions. The extraordinary journey of a cell begin as a singular and when the cells die, they duplicate. The human body is made up of range of cells that work together to sustain us and give us a benefits in life. An example of a cell is the E coil that is well recognised as bacteria, which cell is found at the lower part of the bowl and affect illness and death