My Ssec Capstone Project In the story

In the story

In the story, “Contents of the dead man’s pockets” The character Tom Benecke faced different obstacles during the passage. If I was in Tom Benecke position I would have done the following things differently ; Letting his wife go to the movies by himself and leaving the window open.
To start off , this all happened because Tom Benecke decided to work on his project that he could have done later instead of going with his wife to the movies. Being in this situation I would have gone with my spouse and than work on my project at a later time. I would have done this because if I had a choice to work on something at a later time to be with my family/spose of course I would have chosen to be with my family. I think family is more important then work and I think that Tom Benecke realized that later in the story.
What I also would have done differently is close the window. Tom Benecke got locked outside because his paper flew out of the window. I would have close the window before I even started working because I would have felt the wind coming in from outside and common sense would have told me to close it because this would have flown away.