My Ssec Capstone Project In my opinion

In my opinion

In my opinion, I think that Rome is most responsible for the most important scientific and cultural accomplishments/achievements. I think this for three reasons. The first one being that the volcano that erupted on Pompeii saved many artifacts which are very interesting. Another important fact that contributes to my opinion is that Romans created concrete and now concrete is used mostly everywhere. My third and final fact is that Roman architecture like arches and columns were great art achievements.
During a class discussion we said that when the volcano erupted in Pompeii Romans scattered away for their lives as soon as they saw smoke, others stayed and died in ash. This ash was very interesting because it made a shell around the structure and saved it for over 2000 years. Something similar happened in Greece when a volcano erupted flooding a city now called Atlantis.
According to my notes the Romans created cement with a special triangle shape. Triangles were used by Romans to build roads. They would absorb the weight of what was on it and not break. Also cement nowadays is used almost all over the world. This means that the accomplishment of making concrete is huge.
On one of the homework assignments I found out about arches and columns which was a big part of roman achievements and that’s still used all over the world. Made out of cement with the triangle concept this architecture is amazing and very cultural.
In conclusion, Rome truly has facts that define that it is more scientific and cultural than Greece with volcanoes that save artifacts for years; inventions like cement that are used almost in every country and beautiful architecture.