My Ssec Capstone Project In every workplace Hazards exist in many different forms

In every workplace Hazards exist in many different forms

In every workplace Hazards exist in many different forms: sharp edges, falling objects, flying sparks, chemicals, noise and a myriad of other potentially dangerous situations. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that employers protect their employees from workplace hazards that can cause injury in my workplace the employers are responsible for:
Performing a “hazard assessment” of the workplace to identify and control physical and health hazards.
Identifying and providing appropriate PPE for employees.
Training employees in the use and care of the PPE.
Maintaining PPE, including replacing worn or damaged PPE.
Periodically reviewing, updating and evaluating the effective¬ness of the PPE program.
And has an employee’s we need to :
Properly wear PPE,
Attend training sessions on PPE,
Care for, clean and maintain PPE, and
Inform a supervisor of the need to repair or replace PPE and all these all follower according to policy and procedure and they are compliant.
? Emergency Procedures

Before an emergency procedure we need an emergency plan and the goal of this plan is to ensure the safety of all occupants of the affected area and minimise damage to assets and in my current workplace emergency plan usually describes:

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a) emergency procedures, which including:
an effective response to an emergency
• evacuation procedures
• identifying those that hold responsibility i.e. Wardens, First Aid officers
• notification of emergency services at the earliest opportunity
• medical treatment and assistance; and
• effective communication between the person authorised by the person conducting the business or undertaking to coordinate the emergency response and all persons at the workplace.

b) testing of the emergency procedures, including frequency
c) information, training and instruction to relevant workers in relation to implementing the emergency procedures.
The supervisor at my workplace will
• have knowledge of the emergency procedures for the site, and the application to his or her area of responsibility