My Ssec Capstone Project ICT trends and its impact on my work and life over the next 10 years Raymond Pilato Executive Masters in Business Administration Student

ICT trends and its impact on my work and life over the next 10 years Raymond Pilato Executive Masters in Business Administration Student

ICT trends and its impact on my work and life over the next 10 years
Raymond Pilato
Executive Masters in Business Administration Student, 2018
Department of Business Studies
PNG University of Technology, Lae, PNG
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]
Abstract: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has impacted my work and life in so many ways over the past 10 years. Judging by the current research and developments in ICT, I believe ICT will continue to change over the next 10-years impacting my work and life. This paper will discuss what ICT changes I strongly believe would change in the next 10 years. This paper will discuss Artificial Intelligent Foundation, Intelligent Apps and Analytics, Intelligent of things, Digital Twins, Mobile Broadband, Social Media, Computer research, conversational platforms, and Blockchain. Specific emphasis will be on the impacts, challenges and opportunities that might arise as a result of these changes in ICT. There are possible exponential trends in ICT for 2018 and beyond CITATION Gar18 l 1033 (Gartner, 2018). However, this paper will discuss only the few I believe will occur in Papua New Guinea over the next 10 years and their impact on my work and life from 2018 and beyond. The discussion in this paper might facilitate further research and development of ICT in Papua New Guinea in relation to Artificial Intelligence, Digital ICT and Mesh Technology, as well as, assisting organizations in future planning in terms of ICT.
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, AI Foundation, Intelligent Apps and Analytics, Intelligent of Things, Internet of Things, Digital ICT, Digital Twins, Mobile Broadband, Social Media, Computer Research, Mesh Technology, Conversational Platforms and Block-chain.

Technology has changed the way the societies of the world works in so many ways over the past 10 years. Communication has shifted to another level which is very efficient, timely and cost effective, due to ICT developments like wireless phones, smart mobile phones, electronic mails, SMS and online communication platforms like Facebook, twitter, and Badoo. Computers have become smaller and faster. Computerization of machines has enabled increase in productivity of goods and services. More can be produced at less cost and less time with minimum or zero wastes. Technology has made shopping more convenient and easier like never before through online shopping platforms like Amazon, eBay, and ALibaba. These technological changes and others have been so inescapable that it is hard to remember what the world would be like without them CITATION Zha18 l 1033 (Sun, 2018).
However, will the change in technology slow down and come to a stop? I personally believe that the technology revolution will never stop. There is an exponential trend in ICT which will endure in to the future. We are living in the information age CITATION Ism17 l 1033 (Ismail, 2017). Judging by the recent effort and spending on Information and Communication Technology research and development, ICT will continue to change and advance further in the next ten years CITATION Gar18 l 1033 (Gartner, 2018).
The three main changes that is predicted to occur are; Intelligent, Digital and Mesh. Intelligent Digital Mesh and is abbreviated as IDM CITATION Gar18 l 1033 (Gartner, 2018). IDM is the connection between humans, devices, content and services which is enabled through digital models, business platforms and a rich, intelligent set of services to support digital business CITATION Pan17 l 1033 (Panetta, 2017).

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This paper will explore Intelligent Digital Mesh in to three different parts; Intelligent, Digital and Mesh.
Intelligent: How AI is seeping into virtually every technology and with a defined, well-scoped focus can allow more dynamic, flexible and potentially autonomous systems CITATION Gar18 l 1033 (Gartner, 2018). Intelligent will be discussed in three (3) subsections; AI Foundation, Intelligent Apps and Analytics and Intelligent Things.
Digital: Blending the virtual and real worlds to create an immersive digitally enhanced and connected environment CITATION Gar18 l 1033 (Gartner, 2018). Under the section Digital, special emphasis will be on Digital Twins, Cloud of the Edge, Conversational Platforms and Immersive Experience.
Mesh: The connections between an expanding set of people, business, devices, content and services to deliver digital outcomes CITATION Gar18 l 1033 (Gartner, 2018). The discussion on Mesh will be spilt in to three subtitles; Blockchain, Event-Driven and Continuous Adaptive Risks and Trusts.

Artificial Intelligent Foundation
One of the things I believe will change to a next level in the next ten years is Artificial Intelligent Foundation. I believe working with major business corporations in the future, I will have the change to utilize technologies that will use the ability of AI in improving business decision making, adjust business models and recreate customer experience. According to Panetta Kasey, this might initiate the payoff for digital enterprises through 2025 CITATION Pan17 l 3081 (Panetta, 2017).

I predict I will be using computer programs that will automatically collect customer queries and complains and analyze them and instantly provide customer feed-back. There is currently a growing interest in this area. One of the latest survey implement by Gartner indicated that about 59 percent of organizations are still collecting information to build the AI strategies. The same survey also proves that 41 percent of organizations are progressing with incorporating AI solutions in business inquiries CITATION Gar18 l 1033 (Gartner, 2018).
Therefore, I have no doubt that in the next ten years, the company I am engaged with will build or acquire such technology that will help me in my line of work to gather customer enquiries and complains and automatically analyze and provide real time reply and solutions that will be beneficial to me and my organization.

Intelligent Apps and Analytics
The intelligent apps are apps that can essentially leverage data, algorithms, cutting-edge technologies, and continuous learning approach and improve the interactions of people and machines by anticipating the actions. These apps are able to learn consistently from every user interaction, apart from the ability to support user decisions, and over a period, become increasingly valuable and relevant for those who use them.

I believe in the next ten years all app, application and services at some point will incorporate Artificial Intelligence. AI will form the background of most of the commonly used application and will give rise to new ones. Al will become the battle ground in a wide range of software and service markets CITATION Placeholder3 l 1033 (Panetta, Gartner, 2017). This will create a challenge for my work, newer versions of the software packages that I currently use at work will have to use AI in order to add business value in terms of analytics, intelligent processes and advanced user experience
The intelligent apps will enhance my performance, assist in data preparation, and discover insight and sharing insight with business users, other workers in the organization and citizen data scientists CITATION Gar18 l 1033 (Gartner, 2018).

In 2018 and beyond, intelligent app will enable faster business decision, improve business result, workforce efficiency and long term gains for the company I am employed with. To gain competitive advantage, I will have to include internet of things in the business plan for the next 10 years.

According to Gartner, the future will see the utilization of AI by almost all apps and services, making these apps discreet yet useful and intelligent mediators between systems and humans. AI will be incorporated into various systems and apps in some ways and is poised to become the key enabler across a variety of services and software systems CITATION Gar18 l 1033 (Gartner, 2018). According to Gartner’s prediction, companies will increasingly use and develop intelligent apps and utilize analytics and big data to enhance their business processes and offer top class customer experiences CITATION Gar18 l 1033 (Gartner, 2018).

Intelligent of Things
The third change in ICT which I believe will impact my work and life in the next 10 years is Intelligent of Things. Intelligent of things uses AI and machine learning to intelligently interact with humans and the surrounding CITATION Gar18 l 1033 (Gartner, 2018).
Some examples of intelligent things include vacuum that is self-directing or an autonomous farming vehicle. In the next ten years, AI coupled with machine learning will be used in a number of things ranging from smart healthcare equipment to autonomous harvesting robots for farms CITATION Pan17 l 1033 (Panetta, 2017). In the near future stand-alone intelligent machines will interact with other intelligent things. Multiple devices will work together. This can be done independently by the machine themselves or by the assistance of humans CITATION Gar18 l 1033 (Gartner, 2018).
I foresee the use of robot to help my job in sales and supply chain where by the robot can connect with the computers at my workstation and go through customers purchase order forms received via emails, or any other communication platform and automatically collect stocks in the ware house and load containers as per the customers’ request. I believe robots using machine learning and AI will make my job much easier and faster. Tasks will be completed on a timely manner and my superiors as well as valued customers will be satisfied. Organizational goals and objectives will be achieved at a low cost and productivity level will be very high.
Internet of Things
One of the potential changes in ICT that will influence my life in the future is the Internet of Things (IOT). IOT is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction CITATION Ros18 l 1033 (Rosencrance, Shea, & Wigmore, 2018).

A thing in the internet of things can be a person with a heart monitor implant, a farm animal with a biochip transponder, an automobile that has built-in sensors to alert the driver when tire pressure is low or any other natural or man-made object that can be assigned an IP address and is able to transfer data over a network CITATION Ros18 l 1033 (Rosencrance, Shea, & Wigmore, 2018).

Increasingly, organizations in a variety of industries in other developed countries are using IoT to operate more efficiently, better understand customers to deliver enhanced customer service, improve decision-making and increase the value of the business CITATION Ros18 l 1033 (Rosencrance, Shea, & Wigmore, 2018).
The improvement in ICT in terms IoT is likely to be adapted and used in businesses in PNG including Panamex, the company I am currently attached with. This will enable better communication and coordination among people, machines and systems and make my job easier, effective and productive. This will enable sales people to collect sales data, customer data, production data, factory machine data, shipping data from shipping companies, which will be analyst to enable efficient operation on a timely manner which will be cost effective.
IoT will be used to connect computers in shops around the country with the computers at my work station. When customers purchase my company’s products from retail and wholesale distribution outlets around the country, the system will automatically update the stock level in those outlets and even suggest or place to orders on behalf of the customers. Gartner assesses that 20.8 billion connected things will be in use by 2020, with total spend on IoT devices and services to reach $3.7 trillion in 2018 CITATION Gar18 l 1033 (Gartner, 2018).

Digital Twins
The fourth change in ICT I believe is like to happen in the next 10 year that will have an impact on my work and life is Digital Twin. According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Digital twin is a digital replica of physical assets, processes and systems and can be used for various purposes CITATION Wik18 l 1033 (Wikipedia, 2018). The digital twins technology integrates AI, machine learning and software analytics together with data in order to develop a life digital model which will automatically update itself and change whenever the physical twin changes. Digital twins uses sensor data to transfer numerous features of its operational condition from humans, similar machines, systems and the environment and also incorporate historical data and utilize in its digital model.

In the next few years, the internet of things will enable physical objects to virtually live and work with other machines and humans. Gartner predicts that by 2020, there will be 21billion sensors and endpoints connected together thus causing digital twins in the future to exist for a billion of things CITATION Gar18 l 1033 (Gartner, 2018). Digital twins will add value in operational efficiency and insights in to how products are used and how they can be improved CITATION Pan17 l 1033 (Panetta, 2017).
Mobile Broadband
Mobile broadband is the marketing term for wireless Internet access through a portable modem, USB wireless modem, or a tablet/smartphone or other mobile device. The first wireless Internet access became available in 1991 as part of the second generation (2G) of mobile phone technology. Higher speeds became available in 2001 and 2006 as part of the third (3G) and fourth (4G) generations CITATION Wik18 l 1033 (Wikipedia, 2018). The latest generation of wireless internet speed currently used is the fifth generation (5G). I predict that there will be a more effective, more powerful high speed wireless network in the coming years and will make online communication mush faster like never before.
Social Media
Social media refers to computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks CITATION Wik18 l 1033 (Wikipedia, 2018). Social media has the potential to impact my work and life in so many ways. Current statistics indicates that social media is used by only 10 percent of the population in Papua New Guinea. I believe in the next 10 years, reducing in smartphone prices and data rates will enable many Papua New Guineans to own mobile devices allowing me to easily do my work on social media platforms.
Employed as sales person with Panamex Pacific (PNG) Limited, my task is to sell as many products as possible. I strongly believe that in the next 10 years, the number of active social media users will increase creating an excellent opportunity for me to reach as many customers as possible to advertise and sell the products of my organization. Based on the current improvement in Mobile networks in and around the country, I predict the number of active social media users will either double or triple in the next ten years.
Computer Research
Research is the systematic investigation in to and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions CITATION Oxf10 l 1033 (Oxford University Press, 2010). A computer is an electronic device which is capable of receiving information (data) and performing a sequence of logical operations in accordance with a predetermined but variable set of procedural instructions (program) to produce a result in the form of information or signals CITATION Oxf10 l 1033 (Oxford University Press, 2010). Computer research is simply a systematic investigation or study of facts using a computer or internet.
I believe one of the advancement in ICT in the future that will affect my work and life is computer research. The availability of internet access in Papua New Guinea coupled with advance smartphones and computers will bring research to the next level. This will save me time and the effort of going around in a large library looking for books and any related articles. Most libraries in Papua New Guinea are full with outdated books. The Computer research or online research will enable me to collect the latest and up to date information in relation to my topic of study. Through computer or online research I will be able to complete my research on time at less cost with up to date information.
Conversational Platforms
The next transformation in ICT over the next 10 years will be conversational platforms. Conversational platforms will use computer soft wares or programs to translate conversations. This system will help my work in terms of crimes. When there is a break and enter or arm robbery at my work place or home, witnesses will be interviewed and their statements will be analyzed or translated by computer application. According to Gartner, based on testimonials of crime witnesses, such platforms will even create a sketch of the suspect’s face CITATION Gar18 l 1033 (Gartner, 2018).
The greatest challenge for the conversational platforms is that it will often create a frustrating experience for users as users will have to carefully structure their statements and communicate in a more structured ways CITATION Pan17 l 1033 (Panetta, 2017).

Another change in ICT in the next ten years that will have an impact on my work and life is block chain. According to Panetta, blockchain is a shared, distributed, decentralized and tokenized ledger that removes business friction by being independent of individual applications or participants CITATION Gar18 l 1033 (Gartner, 2018). Despite blockchain being more concerned with financial opportunities, I believe block-chain has the potential to be applicable in my job of sales and supply chain as well as government and healthcare. One of the setbacks of Blockchain technologies is that they are immature and unproven and are largely unregulated CITATION Pan17 l 1033 (Panetta, 2017).
ICT has change a lot over the past years and will continue to develop further in the future. In the next ten years, I believe there will be a lot of change and these changes will either positively or negatively influence my work and life.
I believe there will changes in artificial intelligence, intelligent apps and analytics, intelligent of things and internet of things. There will be major digital changes such as in the digital twins, mobile broadband and computer research. According to David Cearley, the Vice President and Gartner Fellow, Technology will be embedded in everything in the digital business in the future CITATION Gar18 l 1033 (Gartner, 2018). Conversational platforms will transform to a new dimension. Immersive experience and blockchain will also create challenges to technology users in the coming years.
Despite the continuous improvement in ICTs, there are digital gaps between countries and regions CITATION Gar18 l 1033 (Gartner, 2018). In Papua New Guinea, about 90 percent of the populations are located in rural areas and access to latest technologies is often difficult while only 10% in towns and cities have access to latest technologies and internet connectivity.
However, there has been registered progress in ICT growth by least developed countries, in terms of connectivity as well as the use of the Internet. There has also been significant progress in terms of bridging the gender digital divide across the regions,” the report stated CITATION Ade18 l 1033 (Adewumi, 2018). According to ITU, harnessing the benefits of advanced ICTs requires appropriate infrastructures, services and skills. Furthermore, it will require the development of advanced ICT skills among users CITATION Ade18 l 1033 (Adewumi, 2018). Advanced ICTs raise important concerns over next-generation digital divides. Network operators and users will have to adapt their business models to take advantage of the opportunities of the digital transformation CITATION Ade18 l 1033 (Adewumi, 2018).

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