My Ssec Capstone Project I have learnt that there are certain aspects such as Self Esteem

I have learnt that there are certain aspects such as Self Esteem

I have learnt that there are certain aspects such as Self Esteem, Self-disclosure, Self-Concept and Self-awareness. I will move on to explain concisely on these four points. Self Esteem is what we value about ourselves and ”furthermore” whether we accept or object the qualities that we believe we own. Self -disclosure is way of revealing personal information about yourself to others without willingly knowing by them, which we reveal it ourselves to them. Self-concept is basically how we look into ourselves by the way we feel and think about us. Self-awareness means we understand how our behaviors, thoughts, and emotion can affect others during the conversation.

During the class activity, I learnt about Self Concept which is something different and new to me. I have learnt and understand that Self -Concept has three different sources and they are, Other’ images, Social comparisons and Personal interpretations. These three aspects guide us on how individuals perceive them as well as how they see themselves.

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The new learning had given me the opportunity to build up the confidence level to interact with others and to improve the communication skills which helps to strength will apply what I have learnt about these topics in my daily life. These may help me to improve the communication and interaction with others in certain ways such as choice of words, body language, gestures, voice tones which being used during the care of the patient and their family members. This help to create an active communication and build up a good rapport with the health professionals and patients. hen the relationships with the clients and colleges.

I have learnt that Verbal communication, Proper use of language and Critical Listening are the main source of communication in healthcare facility. Hence, there various factors that helps to improve the ways of effective communication by speaking clearly, increasing alternative words to explain, taking down date, time and messages properly, be more focus on other communicators explanations and be tactful to others. However, there are controlled method being used in communication which is called the SBAR. Thus, the meaning of SBAR is Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation.

I have learnt that SBAR can be use in daily healthcare worker life. It helps them to prevent a communication conflict with the health care professionals. Hence, SBAR tool can benefits us with effective communication with the doctors and the nurses by voicing patient’s problems. The purpose of this tool is to find an approachable solution to help the patient’s in their health care.

I’m glad that I get to learn more about Verbal communication and the SBAR tool which helps to facilitated good communication and proper nursing care for the patients during their stay in the hospital. Though, using of SBAR for the first time would be a slightly challenging. However daily use of SBAR would eased my difficulties and ensure that I would completed my work properly.

I will apply what I have learnt about SBAR and verbal communication in my practical and clinical attachment to provide a proper nursing care for my patients. And I would make sure that I will communicate and listen to my patients and working colleague in an effective way. And always forces and assess the need for my patients during my clinical attachment.

I have learnt that this Johari window model was created by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham in 1955 in United States. This tool is used for understanding and training purposes for, self-awareness, personal development, team discussion and thoughtful relationship. It’s an amazing tool because it can be used in many circumstances and environment in our daily life.

I learnt that Johari window tool has something unique which can help us found our strengths and weakness. I had found out my strength and weakness after using the Johari window. My strengths are good advisor, motivator, helpful and strong-minded person. These qualities will help me build a good relationship and rapport during my attachments with my patients and working colleges.

I will apply the Johari Window tools to understand my patient which will help me to guide on their strength, weakness, beliefs, personality and their induvial principle. As a nurse I will perceive and focus the weird or different behavior in my client in a critical and clinical situation.