My Ssec Capstone Project HR issues come in different forms

HR issues come in different forms

HR issues come in different forms, but they all have the potential to disrupt the whole organization if not resolved as soon as possible. So before the year ends, take the time to make an honest assessment of what employee issues you’re facing, and although it’s hard to find a perfect team or organization, it’s your responsibility to reflect on how to do things better in 2018.
The transition into the new year for companies is usually exciting and challenging at the same time.
For HR, it could mean dealing with year-end resignations from employees who are eager to start another career path after an unsuccessful or stagnant stint with their company. Some of these employees might have felt they were not valued enough in the organization, while others might have had issues with their co-workers or managers.
For those who have been with the company long enough, they might feel there’s nothing else that motivates or inspires them at work, so they want to try something new this time around. Or it could simply be about money. One of your employees might have found a higher-paying job, and that employee couldn’t be happier with the idea of earning more.
Those of you in HR might find a lot of wisdom in the adage, “Prevention is worth a pound of cure,” as you work toward employee retention. The general rule is to know why employees are quitting so that you could take a proactive approach and make your employees think twice about leaving your camp.