My Ssec Capstone Project he two sides were both right

he two sides were both right

he two sides were both right, from their historical
perspectives. Each one did not learn from the other. There was no stakeholder inter-pollination.
The taboo was in place because the Luhya of old had observed that women have bigger babies
when they eat ripe banana and eggs, which had difficulties passing the birth canal. The solution
was to stave the babies slightly then feed both the mother and the baby after birth; it obviously
worked because there were people and babies in the region pre-Christianity. The missionaries, on
the other hand, thought that the mother and baby need to be fed and kept healthy, they forgot
about the small matter of lack of delivery facilities that could offer assistance in case of
difficulties at birth! Remember this story, every time you want to apply lessons learned in a
different setting, consider all the linkages and why your experience may not apply. The taboo
was ethical, the edict that removed it may have seemed fair and justice but it did not take into
account all the connectivities of both stakeholders and the environment

Business Ethics (PDF Download Available). Available from: accessed Apr 04 2018.

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