Growing up

Growing up, I didn’t really have any friends, maybe some acquaintances, but that’s it. This was mostly due to the fact that my parents, and I were always moving from place to place, usually it would be to different states, so every time we settle in a new home, it was only a matter of when my folks would tell me, “Mark, go start packing your things, we’ll be moving soon”. Because of this I couldn’t really make lasting connections with anyone, not that they really wanted to be my friend anyway, I was too shy to get a word out to anyone, along with not following latest trends, made me into an outcast by my peers, leaving me to sit alone in class, and cafeteria during lunch. My parents had to work most of the week as well, and having no siblings didn’t make things any better for my loneliness.
Night time was different however, you see, I’ve always had a love for space, I still do, almost to the point of obsession, especially the stars. I don’t know why I love the stars specifically, maybe it’s because of the way they shine through the dark sky, like glitter all over black construction paper, even in cities with bright lights, and some still manage to shine through all the light pollution of artificial streetlights. When I was six, my parents and I lived in this small house, several miles from the city, with the nearest house being half a mile away, and one night I couldn’t fall asleep, and it being a school night, and not wanting to get scolded for not sleeping yet, I didn’t go to my parents. Instead I looked out my window to try and distract myself, and hopefully fall into dreamland, I then saw all these stars in the sky, I was, I guess you can say, starstruck. Being a city kid most of my life, I didn’t really have the ability to see stars, and if I did it was only a few, but this was the first time I see so many, so I just stared at them for what felt like hours before passing out at the windowsill, I did get a call home the next day for sleeping in class, but it was worth it. Since then I would stay up past my bedtime to stargaze, even when we moved to another town further away, I still looked up at the stars. The stars always kept me company throughout my lonely childhood, so much so, that I considered them as my friends, especially one star that glowed so bright, it could still be seen in even the brightest of cities. This star I named Amy, I don’t know why I gave the star this name, I guess it’s because Amy is one of my favorite names, and with it being basically my favorite star, it was only fitting.
Every Night when my parents were either sleeping, or working overtime, I would go outside, and talk to Amy and the other stars, telling them about how my day went, my hopes, dreams, fears, etc. It felt very therapeutic for me, helping me get my feelings out, even when I thought I was basically talking to no one, but with being friendless, and having two parents with zero time for themselves, let alone me, this was alternative, and it was nice, for a while.
But now things took a turn for the worst, I’m now a junior in high school, dealing with the pressure of maintaining good grades, scholarships, and standardized tests, so I could get chance of being accepted into a good university, which is more of a challenge for me considering how behind I am with the constant moving, but to add more salt to the wound, my parents started fighting a lot more, there had been fights between them many times before growing up, but not to this extent, one night it got so bad, the neighbors called the police, they’re always arguing about money, and the bills, but no matter where we went, we couldn’t meet the deadline for payment, I couldn’t work, because I would only be there for a few weeks before moving again, I’m now alone more than ever, even with the stars by my side. Today was the final nail in the coffin when I mom, called for me to come to the living room when I got home from school. At first I thought I did something wrong, but my dad was there too, and they were both quiet, too quiet for it to be about school. They sat me down, and the news I heard next made my already broken life, crash into a million pieces. Divorce, they were getting a divorce. I felt numb for the rest of the day, later I dragged myself outside for my nightly routine of talking to Amy and the stars. When I got there, I broke down and poured all of my emotions out in front of the twinkling lights in the sky, begging them for the loneliness to end, wishing for someone, anyone to be my friend, someone I could have an actual conversation with, not just be one-sided, I just couldn’t take it anymore.
And that’s when I saw it, a bright light in the sky, brighter than I ever seen, fall down into the Earth, I was soon to realize that it was coming towards me, in panic I ran back inside the house, hoping that it wouldn’t crash into it, but the light fell in the yard, ten feet away from the building. I cautiously went back outside to investigate thinking that Earth was being invaded by aliens like it would in a cliché sci-fi story, but what I see instead amazed me, it was a girl, didn’t look much older than I was, and besides the white glow around her, she looked human with blonde hair, and wore what looked like a long white dress to match her glowing body. She was asleep in the crater of mutilated grass and dirt. I thought to myself, could this be Amy? I look up at the sky, only to find that the star that was Amy was gone, nowhere to be seen, I looked down at the girl again to find her awake, with her brown eyes staring at me like we’ve known each other for years, and, yeah, we technically did.
“Hi Mark.” she said in a calm, cheerful voice.
“Hi.” I said back, “Are you, Amy?”
“Yep” she replied.
“But how did you get here, why did you come here and why do you look so, human?” I said thinking that I must be dreaming this up.
“I’ve been listening to you talk for all these years, and I heard your pleas for a friend. I couldn’t take you being so depressed anymore, so I came down.”
“And I look human because, I guess this is what you imagined me to look like whenever you talked to me, and so here we are.”
“You came down here for me?” I said, not believing what I was hearing.
“Of course, you’re my friend after all, even if we technically just met. And hey, this would be a good chance for you to get to know me, besides just being that one star in the sky, and you could teach me about how life on Earth works, if you want.”
I was speechless, no one offered to be friends with me before, and I was overjoyed, i had tears in my eyes, but not of sorrow, but of happiness. I quickly wrap my arms around her, accepting her offer of friendship. I was still