My Ssec Capstone Project Good Morning everyone

Good Morning everyone

Good Morning everyone, let us start of by asking the simple question, what is bullying? Bullying is the act of being aggressive towards someone either through physically or verbally abusing the person. Most bullying usually happens at school since it has students still learning the rights and the wrongs and are still developing their morals, when a person experiences being bullied they feel melancholic, sad, depressed they feel as if the world is against them they feel like no one is there to catch them when they fall and they start to get suicidal thoughts of disappearing and the world will either stay the same or get better. These are reasons why bullying is not a good thing to do.

Almost everybody laughs at someone’s expense it’s ok as long as the person is not hurt or is okay with it, but it’s bullying when you laugh at someone at their expense when the person is hurt yet the person continues to laugh and not try to ask if they are ok, there is a line of friendly teasing and bullying, friendly teasing is making jokes that everyone can enjoy and is neither personal nor really hurtful and everyone can have a good fun. While bullying is hurting someone and making jokes that can hurt the person and make the person unhappy.

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Being bullied is the worst it can change your personality to someone who is happy, joyful to sad and depressed, it can make your choices more blurry and harder to make every important life choice or questions you answer always end in self-doubt it turns the phrase “I can do it” to “I don’t think I’m good enough”, these can mentally scar a person. The quote “Madness is like gravity all it takes is a little Push” with madness being depressive personality or suicidal tendencies all it takes is one bad day and it could genuinely change their future for the worse with all the self-doubt and without the person motivating themselves, or with them ending it all and sadly taking their own life.

Bullies choose victims that they know they fear them so they can do whatever they want because they know the victims don’t want to try to fight the bully or questions what they are doing, most chooses people who are less superior than them so the victims can’t one up them since he is less superior even though the victim himself can improve and become better than the bully, but is dragged down cause of the emotions and feeling of uselessness

But this doesn’t mean every bully is bad to the core or that’s what they actually are. The phrase “Everything Happens For A Reason” also applies to bullies, they aren’t bullies by choice, life experiences have led them to became one, experiences like a recent family divorce, an abusive household, a recent family death, or a reason that is very simple which is that they envy you, they use bullying as a form of letting of some steam releasing emotions that they can’t release at home. But it still isn’t a good reason to ruin other’s lives as well through bullying.

When you are a victim of bullying just do these solutions, ignore the bully, this solution may seem very generic and some might say it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work because you still listen to what they say only notice it if it’s an actual truth. Tell an adult, you don’t have to tell the adult about the bully if you don’t want just talk to one to fix some of you insecurities the bully made you feel or you can tell the adults about the bully and get help in confronting the bully. In the end bullying is like a disease it can be cured with enough help. Thank you for listening have a great day.