My Ssec Capstone Project Globalisation is a controversial issue

Globalisation is a controversial issue

Globalisation is a controversial issue, it is a concept which has been widely debated mainly due to being interpreted in different ways. It has truly caused many arguments as to whether or not is has impacted our world in a positive or negative light over the years. This is clearly acknowledged when Dickens (2015, p4) argues that globalisation is a concept whose roots go back at least to the nineteenth century. He also suggests most notable ideas came from Karl Marx. This nineteenth century political and economic socialist described globalisation as the increase of cultural trade and economic goods across countries in order to boost capitalism. This hugely impacts our society today as this would create growth in the market which increases goods and its services. To some globalisation has many benefits and advantages such as expansions for multinational corporations which may create larger economic growth. However, those against globalisation may suggest that it brings disadvantages like inequalities for small businesses and even causing environmental and social problems within disadvantaged countries.