My Ssec Capstone Project For my internship in the summer course

For my internship in the summer course

For my internship in the summer course, I choose to do it in Qatar National Bank (QNB). In the first week of my internship program, I have finished 40 working hours. On the first day, of my internship I arrived on time to the bank then I directly went to meet with the branch manager. I was informed that the branch manager Mr. Mehsin AL-Shammari is going to be my supervisor. He discussed with me the plan and we both agreed on the plan. He gave me a general information about the bank. The plan was for me to be allotted to the Accounts Operation and Retail Department for the initial two weeks and exchange to the Fixed Deposit and Teller area for the last week. I went to the division and met with the head of the office Ms. Mariam Essa and the customer service officer Ms. Alaa AL-Emadi, they talked with me the undertakings I was to perform and gave me a general thought regarding the functions of the office. A portion of the elements of the office are opening and closing accounts, exchange and store, maintenance accounts, and make or close Account dormant. Both Ms. Mariam Essa and Ms. Alaa AL-Emadi discussed and explained to me about the Department and the tasks that I am supposed to work on.
The employees in the department utilize diverse online projects to do the required undertakings. They utilize a particular QNB Portal which is regularly known as “Work process” inside the office. The work process accumulates diverse applications and errands from the branches of QNB whether they were nearby or universal and show it as a rundown for the representatives in the division to choose. After a worker select an assignment from the rundown, it demonstrates the procedure of the undertaking from when it was made in the branch by the client benefit representative, the favor by the branch supervisor, and everybody the errand go until the point that it achieved the activity worker. The worker at that point needs to play out the required activity depending on the required errand in the application. For instance for an errand of a received application, I pick the “Record opening” undertaking in which I will allude to for whatever remains of this report. Right off the bat, the representative will check the Qatari ID and the identification of the client that are appended with the application, concentrating on the ID number, name, birth date and expiry date. From that point onward, the representative will check the client’s filled application for their own data and signature, additionally check if the signature card and the marked terms conditions shape are joined. Any absent or unmatching requirements or data will bring about the application to be rejected and come back to the branch to remedy it. Subsequent to checking the data and the requirements are accessible, the worker should open another framework known as “ONE EQUATION”.
In this framework, the representative enters an arrangement of particular codes and embed the client’s close to home data and contact data into the framework. I had a few troubles in understanding the codes however in the wake of asking Ms. Mariam and disclosing them to me, it was more basic and clearer for me. A portion of these codes are CIM for the client’s close to home data, AS for checking a client’s adjust and status, CLA to close a record, and XXA for a client’s contact data. After all these data are embedded in the framework, the worker check if the client needs to get SMS notifactions or not, If yes then the representative needs to open another program called QNB SMS in which they enlist the number and some data of the client. One more program is required which is called “BAS”, in this program the representative outputs the clients mark and enlist it in the program. The representative at that point support the application and submit it for the chief to survey, if any missteps were discovered, the worker is told and the application is revised. It required me some investment to completely comprehend and rememeber the procedure of each undertaking however after some time I started to remember it.
After Ms. Mariam Essa and Ms. Alaa AL-Emadi explained to me about the department. I was given a task to do to see what I have learned . The task was how to open and close and a customer account and to change mobile number and sms which is the Account Maintanence. I faced little difficulties with the numbers in the applcations because it was small . Besides , I was not able to concentrate because the bank was so crowded with customers as mall branches is mostly crowded and so busy most of the times . At the end of the week the supervisor told me that I am so hard working , hyper and sociable person. The employees were so friendly and with each other and what attracted my attention is that they are so cooperative and openhearted with each other and with the customers that made me feel so motivated and eager to work in this branch after graduating. For me the first week was so challenging because I had new experience and I met new people as I felt that I am more confident now than before.