My Ssec Capstone Project For a long time

For a long time

For a long time, entrepreneurship was considered a characteristic of brave, talented, risk-taking, and business-oriented individual. Today, this view has changed permanently as many scholars have started regarding entrepreneurship as an institutional notion. In this case, some institutions have been seen to venture into activities that are perceived entrepreneurial despite being initiated by an institution. Known as corporate entrepreneurship, this concept has taken three forms in the context of profit-making organizations. Firstly, organizations practicing corporate entrepreneurship maybe characterized the state of venturing into a new business. Secondly, this form of entrepreneurship might be signified by design or development of a new product. Thirdly, it might take the form of the introduction of a new entrepreneurial paradigm that is capable of revolutionizing the organization in several ways. Lastly, corporate entrepreneurship involves active search for activities, products, and other changes that increase the positioning of an organization in the marketplace.