Firstly, objectification of people can be seen in both pieces of writing. In “the maid”, the maid is simply seen as a tool “for the speaker’s children, … kitchen, … clothes, … and house”. Furthermore, the maid becomes dehumanized as the speaker shortens her name to rid the identity that the maid might have and mistreats her by not even “asking the maid her children’s names”. Also, the bare minimum for one’s survival is given to the maid as she gets “an unmade twin bed” suggesting that the speaker does not care about the maid’s wellbeing. Similarly, in The Tempest, Caliban is treated as an object by Trinculo, who ponders if Caliban is “a man or a fish”. (2.2.24) Trinculo reminisces a time when he travelled to England and witnessed freakshows there and thinks that Caliban would net him a lot of money in England. In