First, one of the things that pushed and influenced me to become interested in politics is that I have been exposed to the international issues throughout my life as I am thankfully surrounded by a large family that has the need to strive for knowledge and awareness to the important issues that the world challenges in our weekly gatherings. Our topics of discussion range from various issues from poverty to the lack of education and the awareness movements. The never ending discussion can be blessing and a curse at times. Listening to them as they bluntly express their thoughts have made me wonder my role and position in their debates, was I going to be the listener who shrugs her head at the thought of politics or the girl who’d be outspoken and vocal on her thoughts and opinions, that’s when I realized it was more than a feeling of obligation, a talk rather an self-discovery moment where I was able to realize that our lives are how they are because of political decisions. Hundreds of people go through conferences almost every day discussing about things that will impact us, that’s when I realized how intrigued I am by what goes on behind the scenes and of course to put my curiosity at rest.