Every year

Every year, 1.6 million paper cups are used at the University of Mannheim – 1.6 million paper cups that – if you string them together – would cover the distance between “Neue Aula” (the main building of the University of Mannheim) and the University of Rottenburg (Lang, 2015). There is a desperate need for a reduction of paper cups at the University of Mannheim. One does not have to look very far in order to find a solution, because the university already offers one: the Mannheim KeepCup. Unfortunately, sales of these reusable cups are very low and need to be increased. The advantages of the Mannheim KeepCup need to be shown to potential customers in order to reduce the use of paper cups on university grounds. Several ways of doing so will be shown in the following marketing plan. In order to find out about customers’ needs, an online survey with 54 respondents has been conducted.