Education, a process of acquiring knowledge, skills and habits, is indeed an imperative part of a one’s life that has a direct effect on a person’s perception and logical understanding of themselves and society. The academic experience of a person has the capability to impact their life despite their intellectual level or home life situation. According to Paulo Freire’s book ‘The Pedagogy of The Oppressed’ there were two major learning styles the “banking” concepts and the “problem-posing” methods of education, and their implications on students are examined.
According to Freire (1970), “This is the “banking” concept of education, in which the scope of action allowed to the students extends only as far as receiving, filing, and storing the deposits.”
In the opinion of Freire (1970), in the banking concept of education, teachers will presume that students are submissive and hence, they may become authoritative thereby taking the decision of what should be learned and they “stuff” the students with information already chosen since beforehand. Problem-posing education will enable people to evolve their basic nature completely because it relies on dialogues, acknowledging the connection between people and the world, thus stimulating learning and originality and steers to evolution.
Freire disapproved the banking method and prefers problem posing in more than simple educational environment. For example, narration sickness has become a common fact in education whereby the teacher has become a simple narrator who assist the students to memorise mechanically the narrated account.
The students will note down, memorise and repeat these phrases without perceiving what two plus two really means or even realising its true significance.
Freire asserts that in order to be genuinely responsible to discontinuing the banking concept, then the students must ostracise it all together. Personally, I have confused feelings. I do believe that both concepts are important in education. For instance, the banking concept would be applicable in subjects such as Maths and Science where equations are concepts required to be memorised so as to complete problems. The way that a student learns by heart can be both creative and active, however, it still falls under the banking classification because students still need to be told how to perform it. However, the subject that I teach (Travel and Tourism) is so vast that it cannot be taught by using the banking concept. It can only be taught by problem posing concept.