My Ssec Capstone Project ED4113 Positive relationship with children

ED4113 Positive relationship with children

ED4113 Positive relationship with children.

This case study will reflect on positive relationship in an early year setting, it will also discuss the different communication in the setting as well positive relationship with children in a general aspect in an early year setting and how it effects children, staff and parents. Beside as if positive relationship wasn’t working well with children and how it effects with the staff and parents and how it can be prevented in the early years setting.
This assignment will evaluate positive relationship with children in an early year setting.

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There will be a discussion of the important, value and benefits of positive relationship with children in early year’s workplace setting. This will include the negative and positive of communication methods between children, in the third section it will reflect on the rights of children in the terms of communication. In the same section It will discuss how it become that children are able to have their own rights

The three main areas that will be discussed in this report will be the negative and positive communication methods between children and staff members, and how the methods can reflect on the relationship between the children and staff as well as how the action can prevent and worked around to help both staff and child. Secondly this report will discuss the communication with parents and children. It will include the positive relationship between parents and children as well as the negative and how this would affect the relationship between parents and children. In addition to this section it will look at the effect of the relationship between children and parents. In the final section there will be an evaluation taking in the perspective of children’s rights within the legislation, and how it became a right that children had a chance to make their own decision as well as how it benefits the children within their rights.

Communication is a message or meaning which is use through all senses even though we focus on the speech and language, communication is made for us to understand ourselves which helps develop strong and confident sense of our identity which helps us show other people how we feel and what our thoughts and ideas. Non-verbal communication has an impact on children development and in which this will have a negative relationship with parents, which would affect there understanding of what the child is wanting or saying. In this their children are most likely to be distraught and lash out from adults not being able to understand what they are wanting.

Meggitt and Bruce (2008) quoted that Noam Chomsky argued that much of a child’s speech was composed of original construction and therefore could not have been copied from an adult. (pg. 419)

The importance of positive relationship with children
The benefits of positive relationship with children
The value of positive relationship with children

The importance of communication is one of the most important skills that we will gain in life. Developing your skills in communication can help with most aspects in life. When communicating effectively in a child care setting, to parents or carers this will give them the understanding on their child development as well as how their child has been during the day. It’s important that both family and staff feel comfortable speaking with each other and getting across what they want to know and tell each other.

Meggitt and Bruce (2008) states that communication is important development that inspires throughout the life of a child. They go on to say that more than 80 percent of communication is non-verbal. Even when verbal communication is use we continue to use non-verbal communication.

Positive relationship with children would affect the relationship with parent, if parent isn’t involved with children education as well as spending equal time with them out of education. This would also affect the child development as the parents or career wouldn’t want to see how the child is development. This will show that parents are willing to help their child achieve their development and have interest in helping them progress. A positive relationship with parent and child can encourage the child development which will effectively work with them and their child, also it will give them the knowledge of their responsibilities and themselves as parent can build a team with their child.

Can negative relationship affect a relationship between child and parent?
What can help promote the positive relationship with children and parents?

How is positive relationship with children affecting early year’s practisers?
Can negative relationship affect a relationship between child and early year’s practisers?
What can help promote the positive relationship with children and early year’s practisers?

Children right came into law in 1989 which a state was taken from CRIN and as it states on the CRIN website that (updated and copyright 2018) the children right are as well as human rights, as well as children must be treated the same way as a human would be treated with equality, respect and dignity, Children must enjoy the same human rights as everybody else from the right to freedom of expression to the right to privacy. This means all human rights laws apply equally to children and adults.

When was the first legislation brought in for children rights?
The first legislation brought in for children rights was introduced in 1989. This requires authority to social services department to provide protection for children from any abuse within their area. This also allows the police to have any involvement with the children. Within this act it outlines the parental responsibility and give the children there right in protecting themselves.

Child right promote positive relationship with children