My Ssec Capstone Project Do you wonder why teachers get mad because students are on their phones

Do you wonder why teachers get mad because students are on their phones

Do you wonder why teachers get mad because students are on their phones? Well, teachers don’t even know what students are actually doing. A student could be using their phone for educational purposes. Even though students look at their phones on the average of 11 times a day, cell phones should be in school because phones are important in an emergency, and phones can be an effective learning tool. Some people actually think schools should ban cell phones.
Students can use their cellphones because are important in an emergency. Having quick access to a cell phone can make all the difference in a dangerous situation. If phones are turned off, piled at the front of the class, or banned from the classroom altogether, the potential for risk is much greater. As well, many schools use text alerts to notify students of important or urgent information, and if phones are turned off students won’t get them.
Phones can be an effective learning tool for students. Cell phones offer an opportunity to engage students in a new way. There are many high-tech resources designed to make learning more fun and engaging, and to foster peer-to-peer collaboration and project management. Also, many of these tools help educators identify problems in their lesson or among individual students, which can help educators take effective action. Voting apps, for example, might be able to capture audience engagement and comprehension more easily than hands raised in a large class.
If cell phones are banned it escapes a teaching opportunity. Teaching students to be effective technology consumers is a valuable lesson at any age, and its importance only continues to grow today. Also, by banning devices altogether, learning opportunities are lost, and students are less likely to view their devices as productive or supportive tools. Education should help prepare students for their future, and an important part of that is preparing them to be both effective listeners and highly intentional and efficient technology users. Enabling students to strike a balance between on and offline experiences will help pave their way toward success.
In conclusion, cell phones should be in school because students can use their phones in an important situation, say they need to contact their parents. Besides, keeping your cell phone on you at school will be good because it is a good learning tool. Also, even teacher will have an advantage because if you banned phone it avoids a teaching opportunity. To get phones in our classroom, contact the school district or school board, tell or show them this for an example why students need their cell phones in school.