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Table of Content
TOC o “1-3” h z u 1.Introduction and Background PAGEREF _Toc526138501 h 12.Literature review PAGEREF _Toc526138502 h 22.1.Provisional Solutions PAGEREF _Toc526138503 h 23.SIX SIGMA AND PROCESS IMPROVEMENT PAGEREF _Toc526138504 h 33.1.EQUIPMENT AND TOOLS OF SIX SIGMA PAGEREF _Toc526138505 h 43.1.1.Project Charter PAGEREF _Toc526138506 h 43.1.2.Process Map PAGEREF _Toc526138507 h 43.1.3.Pareto Charts PAGEREF _Toc526138508 h 43.1.4.Failure Mode and Effects Analysis PAGEREF _Toc526138509 h 43.1.5.Design of Experiments PAGEREF _Toc526138510 h 43.1.6.Control Charts PAGEREF _Toc526138511 h 43.2.PROCEDURL STEPS PAGEREF _Toc526138512 h 53.3.Method of data analysis PAGEREF _Toc526138513 h 53.4.Arrangement for conducting the research PAGEREF _Toc526138514 h 64.Discussion of results PAGEREF _Toc526138515 h 65.Conclusions/or Recommendation PAGEREF _Toc526138516 h 76.REFERENCES PAGEREF _Toc526138517 h 8

City Power is the company that supplies electricity specifically at Johannesburg and the company has faced some challenges on an ongoing basis. Most of the equipment and infrastructure is old and to replace them or even finding spares is a time-consuming task CITATION Bai03 l 7177 (Bai ; Lee, 2003). Theft and vandalism still poses some major problems. The above problems are experienced within the company, yet for this report is based on the theft and vandalism that are to be further outlined.
The aim of this research was to explore the underlying causes on low process improvement and variation. The study analyzed the system of assessing methods of working so as to achieve the maximum output and efficiency, this was done by observing the type of equipment they are using, as well as the time they take to replace old infrastructure and the equipment vandalized CITATION Sch99 l 7177 (Schneiderman, 1999).

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The method that was used to do the research was observation and questionnaire. These observation and questionnaire was conducted to assess which factors contributed in the low process improvement and variation at City power.
We have found that City power has been experiencing the challenge theft and vandalism of equipment. A provisional response to the problem at hand was touched within the content of this report. Stages of Six sigma strategy forms a huge significant part on solving the problems that the City power is facing. It is result based on factual initiative that follow a systematic order within the process framework. Six sigmas is rendered as a powerful instrument that can lead any company to an improved and strong performance.

We have included that City power has to take measures to protect their equipment by building protective buildings, employ security guards that will look at identified hotspots, replace copper wires with aluminum ones and by exploration of crime intelligence strategies to protect network infrastructure against theft and vandalism.
The City Power board is at last responsible to guarantee that administration has planned an actualized viable arrangements of big business hazards administration and that dangers are overseen inside, the endorsed chance hunger and resilience level. The general administration danger of City power is to distinguish and anticipate potential and rising danger before it happens or appear and executed hazard administration framework and system that is relevant to all City Power tasks CITATION Ten01 l 7177 (Geoff, 2001).
Introduction and BackgroundCity power was started in 2001 as an independent municipal entity. it is owned by city of Johannesburg. Their vision is to be a world class energy utility. City power is in the business of providing energy. their mission is to meet the customers and shareholders’ demands. City power is inspired by being resilient, reliable and respectful to its customers and stakeholders. CITATION htt l 7177 (Anon., n.d.)
City power owns and works a broad transmission and circulation arrange and additionally open lighting framework. The engineering group is entrusted with undertaking arranged and spontaneous support with the plan to accomplish greatest congruity of supply. It however, mandated that the operation and maintaining of the product line throughout is done in a safe manner. To maintain the smooth maximum operation henceforth, reliability and cost-effectiveness are major concept to be cognizant of CITATION Cit18 l 1033 (City Power, 2017 – 2018).
Vital challenges
Most equipment and infrastructure are old and to replace them or even finding spares is a time-consuming task. This results in maintenance problems.

theft and vandalizing still poses some major problems.

The above problems are experienced within the company, yet for this paper only the theft and vandalism are to be further outlined. A provisional response to the problem at hand will be touched on also within the content of this paper.
theft and vandalizing of infrastructures and assets takes place at various sites. Some of those are mentioned below:
Underground copper cables

The main objective is to provide help through addressing some of the main problems city power is facing. This is achieved through allowing customers to get quality and reliable product/services at lower rates. The association will likewise require guaranteeing the manageability of the business through accomplishment of certain consented to budgetary, social and ecological objectives CITATION Cit18 l 1033 (City Power, 2017 – 2018).

Literature review
Escalation of theft and vandalism incidents occurs at the substation, underground copper cable circuits, overheads bare copper lines and supply points to the streetlights. Vandalism leads to plant out of service which refers to the equipment that has been isolated to be out of service. The equipment requires repairs, refurbishment or complete replacement order to restore back to service. This is mostly equipment that is obsolete and no longer supported by OEMs. The business must launch capital projects or consciously decide to overspend on the repairs and maintenance budget to ensure reliable supply. The infrastructure target by the vandals includes substations, supply points for streetlights, mini-substations and underground copper cables (city power, 2017-2018)
Provisional Solutions
The company, city power must come up with a way of reducing the theft and vandalism of their properties by building protective structure such as long walls, electric fences and by employing security guards that will look at the identified hot spots, and they decided to replace copper wires with aluminum wires. They installed alarms at the substations and asked the community to work with them to catch all the people who stealing the cables.
Through the implementation of the above mentioned provisional solutions reduction in the current challenges is imminent CITATION Cit18 l 1033 (City Power, 2017 – 2018)SIX SIGMA AND PROCESS IMPROVEMENTSix sigma is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement. It was first invented by engineers Bill Smith and Bob Galvin when they were still working at Motorola in 1986.Then jack welch made it the focal area to his business strategy at general electric in 1995. Six sigma strategies can be used to improve the quality of the output of a process by identifying and removing the causes of faults and minimizing variability in manufacturing and organization’s processes. It uses quality management methods like empirical, statistical methods, and creates people within the organization who are experts in these methods.

The maturing and the continuous process improvement in the manufacturing sector has led to the innate of Six Sigma. The Six Sigma depicts the ratio of produced deliverables (products) through various forms of rating. It is based on the definition, measurement, analysis, improvement and controlling (DMAIC) of how organizations are doing CITATION MSo10 l 1033 (M. Sokovic, 2010). One must be aware that the stages are linked to each other. DMAIC forms a huge significant part of the Six Sigma strategy. It is a result based and factual initiative that follow a systematic order within the process framework CITATION Placeholder1 l 7177 (Tennant, (2001))Define – distinguishing, organizing and choosing the privilege venture.

Measurement – vital points of the process (characteristics), the extent to which the process drags to and the performances thereof.

Analyze – the important key area through depiction of major causes.

Improve – altering the process whilst maximizing the performance.

Control – sustain the attained.
Various industries particularly manufacturing industry make use of Six Sigma to trace the efficiencies and effectiveness of the organizations (M. Sokovic, 2010).
Through utilization of Six Sigma the organization has seen their objectives of buying and selling electricity to the citizens of Johannesburg. It is rendered a powerful instrument that can lead a company to an improved strong performance. It tends to be utilized skillfully to streamline the assets and illuminate business objectives. Companies make use of the strategy of Six Sigma to effectively reduce unnecessary costs. Thus, concurrently improving on quality whilst staying competitive in the market.

Project Charter
The first step of the first stage of DMAIC cycle is the creation of project charter. The charter will thoroughly define the roles of everyone involved and tasks for each member of the team. All the financial implications and the valid cases of the business are contained within the charter.
Process Map
Process map entails utilization of flow chart to indicate with varying color codes the current processes of production. Thus, ascertaining that everyone within the team thoroughly comprehend how the process goes about CITATION For94 l 1033 (Fortenot, et al., 1994).

Pareto Charts
This tool enables team members to easily depict areas where improvement is needed. Through employment of 80/20 rule, major impact areas could be taken cognizant of, hence, paying more attention to them CITATION Get03 l 1033 (Getty ; Prybutok, 2003). The significant few against the trivial many. So, the more attention will be paid to the significant few to reduce major losses and impacts within the organization.

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
In every process failure is imminent, therefore, calling for calculated precautionary measures. When the failure arises, one must be able to identify where it comes from and how to mitigate the impact or eliminate it CITATION Get03 l 1033 (Getty ; Prybutok, 2003). This applies further to relatively predicting the impacts of various modes of failures prior their occurrence.
Design of Experiments
This instrument is utilized to profoundly identify the real cause of defective products. The influencing aspects and factors within the production process analyze and measure the impacts on the desired outcomes CITATION Bai03 l 1033 (Bai ; Lee, 2003).

Control Charts
Control chart aid individuals to modify the process and it further allows them to not make any changes if requiredCITATION Mer18 l 1033 (Keen, 2002).

Step 4: Prioritize Activities
Listening to the customers is one of the priorities of each company, even City Power can use that strategy to get close to their customers and Identifying quality criteria. Making sure that there’s a relationship between the efforts of City Power and their objectives which is to be the best in South Africa.
Step 5: Establish Ownership
Assign an individual to lead and be accountable for the whole team.

Step 6: Take the correct measurement
Companies must figure out how to measure process execution to guarantee that the information is received.

Step 7: Govern the Program
An appropriate governance enables professionals to render their best ability during work on sharing discussions based on each task at hand. This allows them to consistently maintain their momentum CITATION Sch99 l 1033 (Schneiderman, 1999).

Step 8: Recognize Contribution
Rewarding and recognizing the employees assume a significant job in ensuring colleagues stay fulfilled and propelled in their jobs.

The use of six sigma strategy can be useful since the company is facing a problem of stealing and vandalizing of infrastructure and assets. The six-sigma strategy has five steps which the company can use to solve this problem which are Define, Measurement, Analyze, Improve and Control.

The company needs to know, what’s the main cause of this? and find out if the employees are happy in the work place. Reasons may be, the employees are not satisfied with the payments or the company is not responding to their needs.

The company should check more details on, who is responsible for this? Because it could be employees or even the community. The community can steal assets because they believe that selling the cables can make them rich, whereas employees can do that to make extra cash.

Looking at the key important points can be for effective for the company to see where they can fix this issue. Doing research on what the company can start to fix the issue would be productive and make sure that they use their resources efficiently.

The management can start by calling all the works and have the meeting with them. Promising rewards about good work for motivation can be helpful and promise promotions for securities can make them focus on their job.

Monitoring is one of the best technique of maintaining good work and determination, if the management can keep their promises of rewards and promotion the company will never have the same problem again.
Arrangement for conducting the research
We selected the area of work to be studied and we decided to choose City Power which is not manufacturing company but service company. It provides electricity specifically in Johannesburg, after having clarity on our investigation, we broke down the work into smaller components.

We did interviews and desktop research, interviews were important because we were interested in finding out more about City power productivity. The desktop research was needed, because there was not much time to go take surveys, task
The team comprised of the total scope of work to be carried out and to accomplish the projects objectives which are: To meet the expectations of the customers and stakeholders, provide a sustainable, affordable, safe and reliable energy and supply. Providing efficient and effectives customer services. Being preferred equal opportunity employer and undertaking city power in an environmentally acceptable manner
We started studying the facts or information that we got at City Power and analyzed all the resources and how they do their work on daily basis, we recorded time when they were fixing cables so that we can measure their work. Discussion of results
We have grasped several things in the section of literature review and through some analysis made. Ignorance and negligence are two varying aspects which if not thoroughly investigated could cause a major problem for any organization. Ignorance in a sense that lagging technologically give rise to problems that could be prevented. Such is depicted through deterioration of infrastructure due to it being old. The modern technology caters for automated alarm system in case of any anomaly within every process. Lack of proper security at the identified hotspots depicts less strong management and leadership within an organization.

Negligence in a sense that inaction of responsible personnel creates problems. This concept can be entangled to some extent with accountability and responsibility. Any deviation of this concepts (a person responsible not being able to take accountability) major problems occurs.
Nonetheless, the provisional solutions provided if followed plenty of the current challenges faced by the company could be shirked if not reduced drastically. Of course, the community and the society in general should play a part if this is to be fought against successfully.

Conclusions/or RecommendationThis report outlined some of the problems which many if not all the companies either in manufacturing or service industry incur. It has been clearly made in the content of this research report that lack of responsibility and accountability within an organization will lead to major impacts. The impacts could be either financial or assets vandalism and theft. Organized crime is still persistent as the perplexing unit for companies. However, most the modern problems could be dealt with easily through being in line with technology and thoroughly training of employees. Employee recognition and rewarding them through incentives could be part of the recommended solution to lower down risks. Quality improvement tools have proved to be effective if utilized efficiently to identify and eliminate defective products and or service. Tools such as DMAIC used concurrently with Six Sigma have proved to me more helpful.

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