My Ssec Capstone Project confidence when teaching my students

confidence when teaching my students

confidence when teaching my students.I feel that by using reflective practice in the early years you also identify your strengths and weakness and this provides you the opportunity to review and improve the assessments that you make.Feedbacks or ideas from other professionals should be appreciated.

Outcome 2
There are many ways in which you can develop or continue your professional development.Some of them are:
Reading available articles and books writte by experts and participating in online events or blogs with invited professionals.Sometimes some teachers attend more intimate workshops where you have the opportunity to discuss and debate ideas and opinions and you can take them ideas into your keygroup or classroom and put them in practice.There are a lot of online communities who give you the chance to CPD such as the annual IATEFL online conferences sponsored by the British Council or the online blogs.Talking informally by joining other teachers in the staffroom discussing their next steps or the ways and materials they are using is one of the easiest and most effective ways of developing especially if you borrow the ideas and try them out in your own class.Another way is learning through reading includes internet materials and journas as well as actual books.If you find it hard to spend money on books you can always find free online websites.Giving sessions from a small in-school meeting where teachers ideas are shared right through to a session at a large international conference where all teachers have something to say.This is a particularly effectice way to develop due to the planning and research which takes place before the session as well as the discussion.Keeping a diary and refecting on your teaching is also an effective way and a good way to start as there are plenty of models out there to learn from, while the preparation and research teaches you as much as the writing and rewriting itself.This is probably one of the first things people do when they think about CPD, taking a

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