My Ssec Capstone Project Companies that Send Free Stickers Since childhood

Companies that Send Free Stickers Since childhood

Companies that Send Free Stickers

Since childhood, we have all been amazed by stickers. How will you feel if I tell you that there are companies that send stickers for free? Yes, you heard that right, free stickers for kids as well as their parents. These companies may be doing it for promotional purposes, but what matters is that you are getting stickers for free.
You may think why would a person want a sticker? But there are people who are loyal to the brands they support. It’s also a good incentive for kids if they do their homework on time. So it proves to be a valuable asset for parents and teachers alike.
There are a lot of companies in on this whole free sticker business. But how will you know which ones? Well, here is a list of companies that send free stickers.
1. Annies – If you are into organic foods, you have definitely heard of them.
2. PETA Kids – They share information on how to protect animals in a fun way that kids relate to. They also give away magazines to kids for free.
3. RVCA – They have all kinds of sportswear.
4. In-N-Out Burger – food chain of iconic burgers
5. Cotopaxi – outdoor apparel place
6. Dakine – sports store
7. Zumiez – fashion and sports apparel.
8. StickerYou – They sell stickers of course!
9. Hook and Tackle – Fishing clothes for you on that next trip.
10. Fish Hippie – casual clothes and also wine!!
11. Lauren James – Women’s apparel and accessories.
12. Punisher Skateboards – Sells skateboards, what else!
13. Freezer Labels – Stickers and labels that hold in the cold weathers
14. Sticker Mule – manufacturers of stickers
Now you are aware of which companies send free stickers. So now the question is how do you ask for one? There are a number of ways in which you can go about it. The easiest and quickest is emailing. The email address is usually mentioned in the contact details on the official company website. You can mention how you love the brand the company stands for and would love to promote it for them in your own little way.
You can also ask for stickers in the company’s stores. When you visit one just mention that you would love it if you have a company sticker for yourself. They may even include them in your purchase without asking. You never know when you might get lucky!
Some companies are aware of how desirable their stickers are. So they have forms which need to be filled out if you wish to have them. There may be a need to include an envelope with your address on it with the form. This will make it easier for the company to send the stickers for you.
There is also making a purchase online. When you order any product off the internet, many companies include their stickers in the order. So the next time you make a purchase of any of the products from the above-mentioned companies, make sure you check the package thoroughly.

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