My Ssec Capstone Project Chapter no 4 Discussion and Analysis 4

Chapter no 4 Discussion and Analysis 4

Chapter no 4
Discussion and Analysis
4.1 Fear and anxiety
4.2 Self-perpetuated Violence/ power and pervasiveness of anorexia
4.1 Concept of Fear and Anxiety
Fear itself needs no introduction; everyone has at some time or other known this sensation or, more precisely , this effect. Perhaps it was thought matter of source ; it is usual to confuse the words ” nervous” and ” anxious” as thought they meant the same thing. Fear just described in psychologically more circumscribed and bound up certain objects and situations. Neurotic fear to be described as general condition of anxiety , a condition of free floating fear as it were , anxiety is used in connection with a condition regardless of any objective , while fear is essentially directed toward an object.

4.1.1 Fear – the great source of sufferings
Lia feels fear throughout the novel “Wintergirls”. Her major problem to getting hurt and letting someone to get close enough to her which really breaks her heart. One of main cause of fright is winter, that affected both Lia and Cassie in novel. Winter is also symbolizes the preserve state of frozenness of Lia and Cassie ” You’re not dead, but you’re not alive, You’re a Wintergirl” (Anderson 195) . Both girls stillhad a heartbeat, a pulse but they were dead for the family and the world around them they were frozen in the state of mind that they should trying to keep awayeveryone out and let themselves slowly die on the inside . They are still breathing but aren’t happy with themselves and their lives , they are wintergirls. The significant reaction shows that how winter is used in describing how they cut themselves and extremely hard they trained , killing her legs until sunshine . Cold is the main cause that how they harmed themselves , also as daring because pain was daring , and pain was being pretty. Lia and Cassie were best friends but their friendship were not lively one. Cassie try to stop being bulimic and tried to get better herself. But Lia never try let her to do that . “We turned us into Wintergirls , and when she tried to leave , I pulled her back into the snow because i was afraid to be alone”(Anderson 99). Lia cared about Cassie’s happiness and health more than her happiness .They were both selfish friends. Lia and her best friend were also unhealthily competitive over everything . Lia promises to Cassie to be the skinniest girl in the school, Cassie’s replying by saying ” I bet I’ll be skinniest girl in the school than you”. It simply shows that there is more to friendship than label .”Why are you being so mean ?” , friends tells friends the truth ,” Yeah , but no to hurt , to help”.( Anderson 101).
Death is used as motif which makes the cause of frightfor Lia in novel ” Wintergirls”. It is the shadow that mistreat Lia , but it also an easy way for her to get out of the situation she is dealing with . At the beginning of the story when Cassie dies. ” It’s not okay when girls dies” this makes Lia closer to the concept of deathas a emancipation, as something to get close to her friend . Fear is bound up withsituations that after Cassi’s death , Lia is hunted by Cassie’s ghost . The ghost simply appears in front of Lia , letting her know that Cassie’s spirit is still alive and around her that she has incomplete work with Lia. Lia known that Cassie is disturbing her just because of Lia refused to pick up 33 calls from Cassie. As Lia walk in the house , the whispers start up again…
” …she( Cassie) called. Thirty-three times. You didn’t answer. Body found in the motel room alone. You left her alone. Should should should have done anything everything. you killed her. I ( Lia) try to squeeze them out by focusing loudly . I am walking up the stairs . I am walking in my room. I am — you left her alone.
—Shut up, I am throwing my purse on the bed . I need my robe , I thing I hung it up—I open my chest. You left her alone.” (Anderson 97).

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The that whisper of pain and suffering, she expose on herself are intended tokeep herself safe. Cassie haunts Lia throughout the book, everywhere Lia goes ,Cassie is there.

Lia driven to self-loathing to friend’s suicide , and her behaviour out of control .Cassie’s haunting become more recurrent , her urging for Lia to “hury up” sounds more lika a demand. Lia doesn’t understand why Cassie won’t leave her friend alone and Cassie’s statement about her firend being fat, ugly ,mean and so heartless. Lia apologies to her friend Cassie as she didn’t answer to her 33 phone calls, and Lia ignores RETRIVE VOICE MAIL ” Lia? It’s me . call me”. Cassie , second message : ” Where are you ? Call me back. ” Cassie , third message . ” I am not playing, Overbrook, I really need to talk to you.” (Anderson 12). Lia ignored the messages of Cassie and it makes the cause of Lia suffering to fear from Cassie ghost . ” I inscribed here lines , hush hush hush, into my skin . Ghost trickle out .” (Anderson 69). This is important for the self-perpetuate theme found in the book ,it describes to audience that how Lia has learned to mislead herself , to ” let the pain out ” in a quite literal way.

In novel “Wintergirls” Lia suffering from feeling alone and alienated from people. Lia always thinks that people around her didn’t treated her normal,even her family also, The boys says “Dead girl walking” in the halls at school, tell us your secret”, Girls whisper to another. ” I am that girl. I am the space between my thighs”(Anderson 19), like people were staring her and judging Lia like Lia had three heads or something, all sufferings of Lia’s harm herself is that she felt alone and alienated from family andeveryone in the world. Only Cassie her best friend and other wintergirls whom she felt normal from that websites where they all talk and encourage each other disorders.”As I play her messages over and over, I turn on my computer and visit a country I heavn’t been to in months , a whisper secret blog for girls like me(Anderson 111). “Lia feels these are only people who won’t judge her. Lia is always around to Emma and Emma is too young to understand the actions of Lia.The reaction of feeling alone and alienated from people can make anybody do almost anything to be accepted and feel normal. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of strange girls screaming through their fingers”( Anderson 112). It shows importance of emancipation of insecurityin novel, it is perfect example that how Lia is not only onw who suffers there are many otherin the world who suffers just like she does. sometimes worse…
Suffering from alienation is the causes of Lia’s fright, could have cared less about she lived or died. Some times she actually wants to died that her wish , “Do I want to die from the inside out or the outside in”? (Anderson 20) She felt there is nothing in this world for her to really live for anymore , not even for friends , for family and for future. One day she was sitting alone in front of cot, she was reading newspaper , local section,page 2. Article runs for the couple of inches, next to an ad for fur coats, thirtypercent off and then she reads about investigation , Police are investigating the death of 19-year-old Cassandra Parrish, of the town of Amoskeag, NH, whose body was discoveredearly Sunday morning in a room of the Gateway Motel on River Road in Centerville. Authorities were called to the scene at 4:43 am. By Motel employee who found the body.Preliminary indications suggest Miss Parrish may have died of natural causes,but police heavn’t yet ruled out foul play or drug use.

Police spokes-person Sgt. Anna Warren said, “We are still gathering information,” we will have a report about the time and cause of death when the coroner finishes the autopsy”. Miss Parrish, known to friends as Cassie , was a popular athlete and member of the theater club at Amoskeag high. Her father, Jerry Parrish , is the principle of park street Elementary school. Amoskeag superintendent of school Nelson Bushnel said the Paeish family’s loss was heartbreaking.”
“Cassie was what all want out Children to be: bright , hardworking and kind.”said Bushnell.when asked to comment on reports that Miss parish had a troubled background, he said, ” Most teens today struggle with something. Cassie had made great strides in embracing a healthy life. The last time I talked to her father,he said she was trying to choose between studying psychology or French literaturein college. Her death is tragic as it is shocking.
Throughout the book Lia feels guilt about the phone calls from Cassie to Lia the night Cassie died, and Lia never reposnding. Lia tries to satisfy her self that there was nohing she could have done to really help Cassie and that she is not the reason of Cassie’s death, and she telling herself that ” …she called me thirty-three times(Anderson 18). That gilt take her to the destruction of herself.

4.1.2 Parents Flaws and weakness
Fear became visible that her parents pushed her away and hurt her because of broken promises, as her father promises that they would go away together on a trip but every time she ignored due to his work and every time Lia became more shocked about people and their lies, ” He was so convincing, I really believed him”.One can talk about fright for a long time without even touching upon nervousness. Real fear seems quite rational and comprehensible to someone’s life.One day she returns home from her friend’s house (Elijah), she tells her parents about the evening that she has been studying , eating pizza and gossiping whole night. Chloe is desperate for Lia to spend night with her mother , told ,by Jennifer ,stepmother of Lia.Lia calls her mother just to degrade Jennifer to get to shut up. Jennifer talking with Lia’s father that Chloe wantsher because of Lia’s behaviour is out of control again, in fact she wants to realize Lia’s father that she is not happy and recovering in her father house with Jennifer and Emma. Lia parents divorce was the great source of Lia illness and fear in novel. At her mother house , she goes to flashback , where they both mature . and she remembers all the childhood incidents which she spends with Cassie. Her mother tells Lia that Cassie died due to heavy drink it was painful death . When Lia leaving her mother house, she carry off a special bone-handle-knife that it was her grandmother’s knife The next day Emma has broken the arm of Lia playing basketball. The she takes purgative that to extermination her body is sick all night long, the next day she fights her father about whether she sould admitted for treatment.
Her father tells her it won’t work anyway. Lia is going to stay sick until she decides to get beter. After all her suffering, ” She decides to cut her chest open with the knife of her grandmother” Lia makes four cuts deeply before Emma walks in on her , it simply shows the neuroses of girl in novel.

Lia is taken to the hospital because of blood loss by ambulance” Cassie ghost travels with her to hospital”. Lia feels consciousness in emergency room, doctor istalking about his body state.She felt herself like a sleeping beauty locked in a glass coffin.She had been 33 stitches it is ironical number , which shows that Cassie calls 33 times before the her death .

Lia There is the feeling that someone could reach to Lia and talk to her then he could save her life. Cassie welcome Lia in the other world , she said to Lia that she is proud of her that ironically, death is far away only a moment. A shocked kicked Lia’s chest as she wants to live. Cassie ghost already appeared in the room where Lia died Lia grabs the see-glass out of Cassie mouth and licks it . it was dirty green lollipop. she can seen the picture of her future although sugar makes her stronger.In novel the names of God and Christ are taken in egoistic
The reason of Cassie move to Lia’s neighbourhood was the unfitting relationship with a boy.One day on the road Lia would like to kiss a boy r may be a girl or she thinks her psychiatrist may be lesbian. Lia description with Elijah shows the effect is increasingly horrific, not sexual. Lia’s parents married when her father gets her mother (Chloe) pregnant. Another important cause of Lia fright is failure in recovery.Fear is powerfull thing which can take the people is disaster situation. Lia fears are suffering of her self destruction in novel.

Dreams are also describe the suffering of Lia. She is suffering from hallucinationwhere she saw Cassie teasing her for being fat and inviting her to die with her.”The web on my face holds my eyes open,forcing me to watch, as Cassiesteps out of shadows”(…)”Come with me and join my loneliness”(Anderson 43).These impact made Lia’s life worse.