My Ssec Capstone Project centerbottom10500090000centercenter0105000centercenter0105000centertop10500090000 Islamic Studies Assignment 2 11/5/2018 Lahore

centerbottom10500090000centercenter0105000centercenter0105000centertop10500090000 Islamic Studies Assignment 2 11/5/2018 Lahore

Islamic Studies
Assignment 2
Name: Eisha Afzal Reg. No: FA18-BSM-038 Course Coordinator: Ms. Shazia Chand
Topic: “Divine success in the life of a Muslim with reference to Surah-Al-Asr”

“Asr” means nodding day or descending day .This Surah has 3 ayahs and it is the one hundred and third surah of the holy book of the Muslim’s which was revealed on our last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). This is the only book which Allah has taken. Its name is Quran. It is the second shortest surah of Quran after Surah Al-Kawthar. This surah deals with Patience, Time through ages. But time is always in favour of those who have faith and know how to wait in patience. This surah tells us that man is in a complete loss except those who believe in Allah, His prophets, Divine books, believe on Angels and believes on the Day of Judgment and also does good deeds and those who always advised each other to truth and advised each other for patience in any calamity. This surah is the only surah in Quran that if Allah has revealed only this surah instead of revelation of the whole Quran for guidance of humanity then this surah would be enough for the guidance of humanity. Tin this surah there is a complete guidance for humans. The detail or explanation of this surah is given below: -1) Explanation of the Swear of Time:
The first verse of this surah describes about swear of time it means that when we swear something that we must have to do this then we cannot move backward from this thing. We must have to answer about that thing what we swear. So we should deal with our all things with patience. In this verse of surah Al-Asr Allah swears about the time. In this verse, time has a meaning to save it and we must know that every moment even a single second of seconds is very important and beneficial for our success. Allah (SWT) sometimes uses the names of the thing He created to show us that how they are important to mankind. We also see in the Quran that He (Allah) in the Surah Al-Balad, swears by the city Makkah and in the Surah At-Tin He swears by the Fig ( it is the pear shaped fruit of the tree ) and swears by the Olive ( a small egg-shaped black or green fruit that is used for making oil and used as a food ). So, from this verse we know that time is very significant in our lives. We know that after the time of ASR the end time of the day when it is about to crush, because after this a new day starts with the Azaan of Maghrib. This slot of time has its own importance because few moments are left for the beginning of the new day and Allah swears that people are in loss because some people loss their time in other things or other kinds of work or loss their day to remain them busy in their works of their homes or on many other places. So, Allah SWT from different clues always remind about the importance of time. So, we don’t waste our time in evil deeds or other works first we must stand in front of Allah and pray in front of Him to guide us on the straight path because after few seconds a new day will begins and we sometimes feel regret about the time that we were wasted in our day works or in the sake of money. We should stand in front of Allah because Salah gives us pleasure of our minds and our soul. We should also invite others to say prayer and do righteous deeds. People always follow the righteous person. Human is not perfect but we should also able to guide the stray humanity by making them able to read the Quran and tell them about the teachings of our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). The first condition for our happiness is the pure belief in Allah and His all qualities, affections or characteristics. Thus we must have belief on the articles of Islam. There are five articles of Islam;Belief in oneness of Allah (SWT) Belief in the prophets of Allah Belief in the divine books Belief in the AngelsBelief in the day of judgment .

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This surah is the code of guidance because in this single surah of three verses all the knowledge of Quran is collected in this. It begins with the meaningful thing “Time”. Imam Sadiq says: “People who recite Surah Al-Asr in his prayers, Allah will raise him with a shining bright face, cheerful features and delighted eyes (looking upon the blessings of Allah (SWT), until when he enters Jannah on the Day of Judgment.” The case of the loss of time describes that time will neither stop nor moves backward. Time passes day by day and at last the person’s lifetime ends and he did not do good deeds in his life then he is in loss. He could not do more good deeds or bad deeds his life ends here. He gets reward or penalty of what he did in his life. Because every breath we take is a forward step towards the ending of lifetime means ending of life (Death). And we also are not sure about our next breathe. He (Allah Almighty) is the only one who knows this. By the time of ASR we know that it has its deeper meaning than other time Dahr. It means limitless time and on the other hand ASR means limited time. That time which will come to an end. We know Allah describes in the Quran that Day of Judgment starts from the time of ASR after this everything will be squeezed. ASR is the afternoon prayer and who offers this prayer saves you from hell and makes u able to enter into the door of Jannah and gives u success in this life and the life hereafter. Moreover, to increase your wealth it is important to say the ASR prayer regularly. One day a person came to Hazrat Muhammad P.B.U.H and sits in front of Hazrat Muhammad and asked Hazrat Muhammad about Islam. He asked what Islam is. Hazrat Umar said that his knee touches with the knees of Hazrat Muhammad P.B.U.H and we were shocked and cannot recognize the person wearing complete white dress. Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said that Islam is to perform good deeds believe in Allah say prayers say zakat and keep fast so that Allah will show us guidance on the right path. Then the person said to our prophet that u gave the right answer about Islam. Then he asked about the Emaan. Hazrat Muhammad said Emaan is the pure belief and Muslim’s must have belief on oneness of Allah Almighty and his attributes, prophets, divine books, angels and the day of judgment. Then he asks about the explanation of the Day of Judgment Hazrat Muhammad said Allah knows better about the Day of Judgment. Then he asked about Ihsan. Our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said that without seeing Allah, we believe on him and worship Him and what he said we have a pure belief on that. This is called Ihsan. Person said you gave right answers after this he gone away. Hazrat Muhammad asked Hazrat Umar that did u know who he was. Hazrat Umar said no Allah and his prophet knows well. Then Hazrat Muhammad said He was Hazrat Jibreel. He came here to teach you your deen.Levels of Deen: There are three levels of Deen and their explanation Is given below;According to Hadith the first level of deen is Islam and based on five things: There is no God except Allah we as a Muslims only worship Him only ask Him for guidance only pray from Him. Messenger of Allah who announces and guides us so that we enter Islam, offering prayer, Giving Zakat so that the poor’s also enjoy equal rights in their society and do not face any calamity and buy things of their needs. It is the good step in our country to save money from those who have enough money and receive 2 and half percent of their money to give the poor’s and needy of the society, keeping the fasts they enjoy equal rights as poor’s so that they (poor’s) cannot feel themselves poor in front of Allah and the persons. And at least performing Hajj only one time in life if they afford it or if they have enough resources.Second level of Deen is Emaan and it deals with the beliefs on Allah, His scriptures. His prophets or messengers, His angels, Divine books, The Day of Judgment. And the third most important and last level of Deen is Ihsan. It means worshipping of Allah, as we don’t see Allah Almighty by our eyes but we have a belief that He exists and we must have to worship Him and we also see him by his creations that created this whole universe that created a man who created animals and all other things exist in this world. We have a belief on Allah that He is the only creator of these things. This is the highest and best ever level a Muslim can reach or help others to reach to this level.Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said: “Righteousness is good behavior, and sin is what fluctuates in your chest, and you would hate that the people discovered it about you.”
We ask Allah to give us and our brothers to act upon this chapter. This is small but it has a vast meaning. If they act upon the teachings and obey what this chapter says then it would be sufficient for all people.

Conclusion: With the reference to Surah Al-Asr, the divine success in the life of the Muslims is to reciting it in our occasional prayers because by reciting in the Salah Allah gives persons success in this life and the life here after.