My Ssec Capstone Project Case Study #2 The “Easy” Software Upgrade at Delmar Ortho Jennifer Britto HCM 3020 – Management Principles in Health Care Professor Kevin Zeiler

Case Study #2 The “Easy” Software Upgrade at Delmar Ortho Jennifer Britto HCM 3020 – Management Principles in Health Care Professor Kevin Zeiler

Case Study #2 The “Easy” Software Upgrade at Delmar Ortho
Jennifer Britto
HCM 3020 – Management Principles in Health Care
Professor Kevin Zeiler, JD, MBA
March 28, 2018
Case Study #2 “Software Upgrade at Delmar Ortho”
This case study involves the complexity of a new EMR system at an Ortho center. Patrick is a new manager and works along with physicians. A new EMR, electronic medical record is quickly put into place after a decline in reimbursements. The EMR system will be getting an upgrade from the vendor. This transformation will hopefully enhance the relationship with the staff and outside parties and patients. Terry unfortunately doesn’t realize how this will affect everyone including the patients. There are more complex issues that arise and affect all areas of everyone’s position. The objective is to help everyone coordinate care and protect patient safety and information. Patient privacy is a huge issue and a hurdle to overcome so patient information is not leaked. This can also lead to the health care providers having access or cross communication of patient information. Terry didn’t foresee the new education and training that would be involved with the new and updated EMR system. Patrick is concerned about overstepping his boundaries since he a newer manager but has the company best interest at heart. It is important for Patrick to speak up and voice his concerns about risks and problems that can occur with new software. As the IT director Terry should be the one to take a leadership role and have a meeting and go over some concerns and issues that he can control or answer. It is important to be well prepared and have the education, questions and correct information on the software and how it applies to each position. I would try to let Terry know that we are only trying to work as a team and make things run efficiently and quickly as possible. I would also approach the conversation with voice of concern but not threatening. I would make it clear he is the expert and make him feel comfortable and more like the leader involved. These security rules require health care providers to set up administrative, physical and technical safeguards that protect the electronic health information. Most safety measures that is included is access controls such as passwords, PIN numbers to limit access to patient information. If encrypting the data the health information will not be able to be read unless it is decrypt to authorized individuals (Smith 2003). It should provide better access to care and get direct health information or change it if needed while preserving the privacy and security. I would also automatically re-introduce the HIPAA and how it applies in this situation. Having everyone sign a contract stating they fully understand the HIPAA act and openly discuss this and how new software can change the implementations of this privacy act for patients and health care workers. Also, these meetings would be a mandatory and would get anonymous feedback later from staff to make sure everyone is involved and continuously learning and growing as a team. It is important to come in with an open mind and a positive attitude. Teams include typically individual with complementary skills who are committed to a common approach for which they hold themselves all accountable (Buchbinder ; Shanks 2017). This will create opportunities for the members of the team to exchange ideas and discuss objectives. The goal is to accomplish company goals while saving time and money. Conflicts with the new system and better decisions can be made. Team members will realize they are important and are valued in the process with caring leader who values their opinion. Once the entire staff is all on the same page and voice their concerns the new program will be successful with a manager that cares of the Ortho center.

Buchbinder, S.B., ; Shanks, N.H. (2017). Introduction to health care management (3rd Ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones ; Bartlett Learning.

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