My Ssec Capstone Project By the 1800s

By the 1800s

By the 1800s, Europe had gained considerable power due to economic, political, and social forces. The industrial revolution has greatly influenced European economies. Europe brought many countries under their influence and control, historians called this “new imperialism.”
Economic forces were one of the causes of new imperialism. Europeans desired resources that were not as accessible to them, so they started seeking colonies. For instance, in document 1 it states, “the makers of cotton and iron goods have been very much interested in imperialism, this group of import interests has been greatly strengthened by the demand of giant industries for colonial raw materials.” To elaborate, manufacturers wanted access to natural resources for machinery, and they hoped for markets of consumers to sell their factory goods. By seeking colonies it offered a valuable outlet for Europe’s growing population.
Political forces were also responsible for new imperialism.