My Ssec Capstone Project Bullying is something that is not strange to our society today

Bullying is something that is not strange to our society today

Bullying is something that is not strange to our society today. This has reached a level that is extremely frustrating and alarming by various parties such as school, parents, government, society and others. Bullying is considered a common form of violence in schools. Maliki et al., 2009 stated that, bullying causes schools to be a life-threatening place for the school’s students and it leads to the idea that some schools are becoming not safe anymore. According to a research, bullying case is increasing every year among students, especially school students and in public higher education institutions. School bullying is psychologically dangerous to not only the victim but bullies because of the harmful words, physical violence and harassment involved as well as the ramifications for the bully. Therefore, precaution steps should be taken to address bullying problems in schools.

According to UNICEF Malaysia, up to 80%of primary school students have been bullied and most of it taking place in the classroom. The National Centre for Educational Statistics shows that bullying always takes places in the hallway or stairwell at school, inside the classroom, in the cafeteria and outside on school grounds. A survey from them shows that around 44% of the bullied were being teased and name calling followed by spreading rumors and lies, pushing, hitting and slapping, stealing belongings and sexual harassment. Kartal and Asude stated that bullying happens at any moment and it has negative impacts largely on student’s academic, emotional and social development during the school day. Bullying is a serious matter and hence it needs to be prevented.

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One of the causes of bullying cases among school students is the influence of negative peers. These symptoms are attributable to peers because, in this age, teens prefer their peers in their lives. Usually, this group of students has a self-established group to take care of the interests of their respective members. According to Bradshaw, Sawyer, and O’ Brennan, there are approximately 30% of young people admitted to bullies others in a survey. Therefore, students should be smart and wise in choosing their peers so that they do not mistakenly befriend with bad people. This is because their friends are the reflection of themselves. If their friends are well behaved, then their attitude will be good. The active involvement of student groups in associations such as the Prevention of Crime Association will make the student avoid unnatural social symptoms.